FreeFall (Album)

by Cam James

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released October 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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Track Name: FreeFall (Prod. The Trackoholics)

Verse 1

Victim, of counterfeit love
we done bar hopped and hit six clubs
these flashin' lights and these strobes blindin'
lit as fuck off these mixed drugs
gotta drown the pain,
couldn't breathe about a week ago
I guess times change
speakers bumpin' her favorite song
I used to like this shit, it don't sound the same
no one around to blame, it's just me
all my homeboys left they chasin'
these short skirts it must be
my sex drive on hibernation
this club packed I can't see the shit knock like
(knock knock knock knock)...yeah
three beside me, that proceed to lobby
for my paychecks on they drinks but I'm too gone
feelin' like I'm livin' on the top
but the pain don't stop inside
I'm tryna keep my head up but I watched
a stripper just drop and slide
why the hell am I here?
demonized, it ain't hell that I fear
nahh, the world got cold,
no hoes breakin' down on they poles
gon' stop it, we fall all year
Free fallin' (3x)


Can somebody fix it wit', time
I don't wanna be alone sippin' vodka wit', lime
I'm surrounded by these strippers tryna keep a free, mind
I don't love 'em, but I needed this
girl I needed this
guess I'm free to fall (2x)

I guess I'm free to fall

Verse 2

the g strings poppin'
she a beast devisin' that strategy to get paid
but I'm just divin' in, wit' no violin
I got emotions cloudin' my praise
night come slidin' in,
I still hear that knock like
(knock knock knock knock)...yeah
visions of my exes, in my mind
they providin' misdirection gahh damn
tryna stay focused, and lower my dosage, the shit don't work
lashin' out, and half passin' out and I just ripped my shirt
born again, I got a quart of gin I take it to head slow
'cause I'm poor again, a couple warnings in I'm cut off
strugglin' to find a bridge to jump off
it's another one lost

I need a jump off

yeah I been fallin' off a cliff
while these chickens strip
I try to talk I bite my bottom lip
like ain't this shit a trip
I'm girl while you playin'
I'm just hurt and drunk
movin' on and then tell me that you sorry
like that word's enough

Track Name: I Don't Like Rappers (Prod. The Trackoholics)

she knew when she met me
I am not ya average, I'm kinda savage
tear walls down, got a lot of baggage
I'm Kanye West in a taller package
no 808s for my breaks,
saw my ex replacin' my face
fuck yo dreams, family and ambition
stupid ass women I wasted
all these years on,
wipe my face my tears gone
tryin' to skip that small talk
get right to business ain't here long
tired of strugglin' handin' shit to my pops
'cause he ain't steered wrong
said stay away from them chicks that flip
n get interested when they hear a song
I'll do that
who that man? Girl, I'm a one person band
my instrument is my brain, and I been drainin' like pots and pans (Bang)
but don't get that twisted, dive in that nookie like I been sayin'
now throw yo ass back on that 7 foot shooter, but I'm not Durant
I don't just rap, girl I can dance
I'm the kinda dude that yo father, brothers and momma love
kill these rappers, a lot of blood
girl get too close and we got a flood
outside of clubs I'm lifted
I got a lady problem, she whipped it
just need one time, in my drunk mind
and she been lookin' at me conflicted
told me this


Yeah you cute but I don't really like rappers
y'all just act like you like me, know exactly what's comin' after
ain't gonna be yo statistic, ain't tryna sit on yo mattress
I'm in this shit for the ring, you outchea talkin' 'bout practice yaasss

(Told me this)
You got some game but I don't really like rappers
I'm just tryna chill wit' my girls, maybe you can call me after
ain't gonna be yo statistic, ain't tryna sit on yo mattress
I'm in this shit for the ring, you outchea talkin' 'bout practice yaasss

Now I could tell you lies, but I ain't that type
and I know you see this hunger in my eyes,
but that thang on strike
them legs don't open up for nothinnnn
but can I open up discussion
'cause I feel like I'm a dude, that make a lotta moves
and my music more than percussion, hey
I ain't talkin' about rushin'
but you a grown woman, you know I'm worth it
I'm killin' shit, it's beyond the surface
got needs girl, you not a virgin
I said it, that vodka got me prophetic
I can read minds, and then read the lines in yo hands
work out the message
yo girls think I'm impressive, know they lovin' more than my flows
fuck bein' humble, got hella talent, shit fallin' outta my nose
I'm a Black man, wit' two back plans in case shit don't go my way
she smilin' thinkin' about ridin' out, and this just might be my day
we still in East LA, hittin' up ATL in the A.M.,
can't really explain who I am, but I tried my best
every time you rock that dress
girl I need due notice, I ain't gon' lie you the coldest
act like I'm chillin', but I'm scopin'
can I get yo number, I'm hopin'
she told me this


rejection just a part of life
my direction never changed at all
and she teasin' them lacy draws
we leavin', n I'm makin' calls
still flexin', ain't break my balls
my self esteem killin' y'alls
n I pray, that I get shot down like every day
I turn up like

I turn up like
man, let me catch my flight
Track Name: Wait For It... (Prod. The Trackoholics)

III saw her walkin' had to pause her
remote control stiff, levitatin' defyin' laws of
physics, basic biology, plus her body was darker
bendin' over seductively, daisy dukes my imagination
made her Mrs. Parker
but that wasn't too far-fetched
hair snatched to the heavens
I been trackin' yo progress
not in no creepy way
I just been watchin' that god dress
move wit' them shapely hips
back n forth in shaded tips
of yo curly hair I can see my future
imagined introducin' myself, but I got to lose
this stupid expression, I'm Stevie J intersectin'
wit' Martin Luther, Coretta talkin' about
all the sexin' I'm froze
picture me touchin' til it ain't nothin' left of your clothes
lookin' soft n them heels set that shit off got me feelin' like
elevator dropped, and I'm still stuck on the ceiling might
get up the nerve to say somethin' clever
I think I'm love already, and can you be my forever wait

Wait for it...wait for it
(erry time she come around)
yeah I been waitin' for the moment I could tell her what's the deal
step to her like the man and let her know that I'm for real
baby girl all that I'm sayin' is you got me off of base
look like I'm outta place, gotta work to find love
they tell me wait

perfect candidate for my love in Atlanta, gracin' the magazine
of my mind, like an athlete in her prime
subject of erry track she got me deletin' my rhymes
done lapped me a couple times n trust me I'm readin' the signs
am I sprung? (nah) diamond in rough, she tired of the bluffin'
am I done? (nah) act like I don't want her really, players feel me
for one, ha, yeah she a dime, but I had too many
I love 'em hard, and they can't take the pressure, end up with pennies
does she got a brain? jury's out, so I guess we gotta talk
if she ask me how much I make, swear to God I'm signin' off
sick of empty-headed, fifty-bedded, chickens I'm straight
them standards can crumble when I picture them lips on my face
so far so excellent, pessimistic 'bout women dog
make it through training, then disappear when you takin' off
I see you shinin' don't wanna block it but timin'
is crucial when it come to love shit, silver linin' I'm signin' wait

Track Name: Standby (Prod. Remot)

Verse 1

Wakin' up on this plane late
headed back to the A to my homeboy place
and this the same state where I got created, then ventilated
Im tryna save face, 'cause I had this loud dream in my aisle seat
scarin' kids, they parents lit
I'm a *black man from them wild streets* (pitch up)
my seat reclinin in coach, been leanin back to my limits, yeah
plane land in bout five minutes, hit turbulence, we glide twisted
know God got me I'm ridin' wit' it, huh
I'm here for a reason
we touch down and I'm standin' up
'bout to grab my shit 'cause I'm leavin'
welcome to Hartsfield
baggage claim, damn madhouse, that's status quo
taxi cost I got cash though,
about a couple hundred I passed go
these streetlights,
illuminatin' we zig zaggin' to the Marriott
red lights on every block
looked over once and this very hot
young lady, on the curb wit' bags and it's rainin'
lookin' exhausted, like Farrah Fawcett on the other side of that baby
I said pull over like hey there, you wanna share the cab
I only got about a block or two
all yours and I'll pay the tab
dependin' on what you got to do
let's grab a drink, catch a movie,
get somethin' to eat, it's on you baby
hopped in and said thanks a lot
I hoped somebody like you would save me
had a long day but this helps...
I was tryin' to shop my pain away
wasn't standin' there for my health
you heard about that train delay?
couldn't get a ride by myself...
y'all pulled up just in time
bags wet, my hair frizzy
newly single, just bear wit' me
You nice...I'm an AKA, you ice
I wanna take you up on this night out
I need happiness in my life
I said alright, just standby


hey, standby
baby girl just standby
can't let my upper hand die

just standby
yeah yeah just standby

Hey girl, where you goin? (4x)

Verse 2

So we headed back to my hotel
I think this night might go well
legs under that skirt shinin', that motivation might propel
me to put all my effort into this hail mary like Odell
rain comin' down harder, she get out the cab on my coattails
with a plastic bag on her head to keep that hair straight
hit the lobby for the room cleanin', y'all know they workin' on their pace
makin' conversation, plus I'm dressed well, so that marinate
she thinkin', that she likin' what she seen so far,
in a half hour, we drinkin'
impromptu adventure, downtown
this spot I know up on the intersection
Piedmont and 1-0, know that food selection mad interestin'
talkin' about her backstory, hobbies and where she been
I can tell she likin' my vibe, but will she decide to let me in?
so I got the check, I walked her back to my spot
her eyes tellin' me to make a move
nervous I ain't anticipate it,
moved closer tryna make it smooth
air hot and that tension up,
her lips movin' can't listen 'cause
I'm just picturin' what that mouf do
but sayin' that would get fisticuffs
I know...
(I don’t mean no disrespect baby)
but how do I show
(I been watchin’ you finesse baby)
that I want more
interaction than a goodbye or a call me later
chance meetings been risin' lately,
ain't had one of these since Elevator
went for the kiss all random,
now our lips movin' in tandem
while my hand runs through that long hair
we can take it there if you want it
she froze, said she's comin' wit' me
heart beatin' at 150
then stripped said show me what you'd do with this
if you insist, just stand by

Track Name: Too Late feat. Kendall Rankin

Verse 1 (Cam James)

10 o'clock and she comin'
well, not yet, linin' up all this stubble thinkin' bout touchin'
on yo neck, outfit that she rockin' had me on ten
little man about to go in
got that "run n tell all yo friends" love
yeah, for the third time in three days
she drivin' over my place
nah my boy's spot in them Glades huh
check the whip in that Navigator on blades, huh
hop out, outta all them days, this gon' be the best
she walk in slow motion, see the dress
I'm stuck... she got me lifted
oh my god, I'm 'bout to park in that trunk
and the hair too perfect, got them curly tips
red gloss on them purrty lips
knock twice, low lights (check)
strawberries on ice (check)
got the chicken on rice (check)
hella hype for that moment
when I taste ya body get on it
got a dope night, when I put you up on that throne
and take you down (down)
just know it ain't no love here
I'm in town for one mo' night
don't put yo teeth or gums near
too late to judge yeah

Hook (Kendall Rankin)

I told my girls don't wait around for me tonight
We only got this moment now, let's make it right
Emotions flair, we'll take it there, oh don't be shy
Won't last forever but tonight boy you'll be mine

Wasn't expecting to fall for you
Fatally attracted to your every move
One night evolved into something true
But now it's too late

Verse 2 (Cam James)

She got that Badu hair
Elle Varner lips, exotic flair
skin kissed with that melanin, no tellin' when
I just nod and stare
when she callin' me down to see that crown her jewels glowin',
and she levitatin', that girl can't touch the ground though
I see that, this paradigm and my state of mind been flippin'
my homies tell me I'm trippin', why you drownin' you should be dippin'
can't explain it, she a dime piece,
been two weeks, she keep comin' back
headboard for that love makin',
rule number one, don't become attached
god damn, where did I go wrong?
shoulda left by now (what the hell you doin?)
thinkin' bout movin' innnn, 'cause I can't roll out
she hypnotizin', my eyes locked on them thighs,
mind been workin', straight up slipped inside of my walls, wait
guard defenses on pause, wait
started screenin' my calls, dates been turnin' into mornings
the finer things I forfeit, sex gon' elevate importance
maybe it's too late though
caught up in, ecstacy we been bottlin'
overdose on yo' love, my mind yellin' out not again
not again


Love me, love me not (3x)
Track Name: Love Me Not (Prod. The Trackoholics)

love me not
right right


Uh, One time for the women that'll love you right
Uh, One time for the women comin' home tonight
Two times for the one that I chose
tellin' her the thangs nobody else knows
she don't need rings, she can buy her own clothes
kinda somethin' like this

independent woman and her lovin' don't stop
all the work I done put in it
I'm bout to go pop, like glocks, and the feelin'
on top, she be ridin' like a Corvette bruh

man I love to see her in the mornin' she be lookin' all bright
gotta meet her she be walkin' 'round naked all night
when I beat it I be catchin' all the feelings
said I never ever catch, on lock


Hey, hey you
Do you love me not?
Baby girl I gotta know
hey, do you love me not?
Yeah, tell me what it's gon' be
(love me?)
(love me not?) (4x)

Baby let me know when you decide
if I cannot provide all the lovin' you need
you should leave me
let me know when you decide
if I cannot provide all the lovin' that you need

Verse 2

Never would I everrrr
Think twice 'bout us, together
I'm a real ass dude she down for whatever
both wanted love, we found it, but never
mind that baby girl throw down
when the weather get good
girl rock that two piece,
in the Bahamas, gettin' gassed like QT
5 women wit' the ass, ya crew deep
fly club, make the planet look 2d
ya must not get it

I ain't no lame nah
nice dude, but I ain't no saint nah
in the passenger seat like Hey Ma
got the state of mind right

I ain't never felt this a day in my life
do you love me?
'cause if not, I gots to know
Are You That Somebody
I should Rock The Boat for
is it worth it?
(nah nah, nah nah nah)

did I just fall prey to the curses?
(nah nah, nah nah nah)

all the girls I played, I deserve this
(nah nah, nah nah nah)

yeah, she one in a,
billion, I been waitin for the Sun if a
angel fall down I gotta get all rounds
I'm dyin, my heart poundin',
tell me what the deal is


Track Name: Catalyst (Prod. Remot)
Verse 1

Counterpoint to my waves, in these days
gravity pullin' me ways, the opposites gon' crash
uh, when we get combustion, this blaze, embrace
collateral damages, been famished off yo ass
uh, man she got me starvin' for affection, erections of an adolescent
line it up, they droppin' fast
as, I stare down this runway last Sunday dreamin'
of a different galaxy, yo balance beam on top of me and
this separate class that we in, swimming class don't laugh at me
I'm breaststrokin' after 3am, feelin' like an Atlantean
her body wet, and I been vetted, flawless veracity 'n
nobody know me but you, how the hell I think 'bout leavin' you
gave me a couple of reasons to, can't deal with pressure
not gon' buy you out for these chickens, you ain't Kobe's Vanessa
panty hose on the dresser, watch you get naked all day if I could
when I die bet all of my neighbors gon' say I was good
to her, I done gave you all the affection in me, three times broken,
tryna be yo teammate love you, you'd never be my opponent
break up then we disown it, then regret and leave the moment
called my momma cryin', broke down, said put some Jesus on it
ain't prayed in months...reminiscin' on all them hearts,
several slayed at once...and I pulled amazing stunts
act as if, you always had yo hands chained, I had the whip
she gon' turn yo rock hard to powder, been out here baggin' bricks
she got magic tricks


Yo I been cut up
hit me wit' that real I had to tell my feelings shut up
now these girls is wavin' at me, I just holla what up
they can't get too close, swear to God that shit because of

you (4x)

What the hell am I gon' do (2x)


Verse 2

Goin' outta my mind tho
gave me life when we first met
why the hell am I dyin' tho
snuck up on me no warnin' shots
swear to God my third eye been closed
shoulda felt all them bad vibes
a hundred seventeen nights ago
I let you get
too close, she sayin'
"why'd I let you hit"...
huh, we the two most
confusin' lovers I done met
but that story flip when she tell it mayne
thinkin' back to my worst pain, n this felt the same
we open, can't breathe lately, that suffocation inside
she controllin' my life, from the passenger in my ride, uh
gas pedals ain't lettin' up, you can see the fear in my eyes, uh
headed straight for that beachfront, I ain't tryna die in no tide
hold up, whenever my lady roll up
got the room on lockdown, in that box drownin'
nobody colder, this girl belong in MOMA
flawless piece,
bakin' soda, she done made my heart release...
tryna control my temper, pulled my card at least
a few times daily, they all say you fine baby
but I know, that I dodged a bullet just like True Crime lately
I'm feelin', lost, focusin' on my flaws
images in my brain, like that purple trim on yo draws
flip the script, I know she know it
cancerous, chemo it
bringin' out all my dark dreams, no outlet for this poet
I'm trippin' hard...
can we sail out?
locked up wit' no bail out?
I don't wanna leave...
but that water risin', I can't breathe
somebody help

I'm by myself
Track Name: Amnesia (Prod. Remot)

Verse 1

I don't remember your face, who the hell is you?
got another one fillin' yo space, who I tell shit to
like, all my hopes and dreams, ambitions
gave no fucks about, my vision
selfish, motivated by insecurities
yeen wanna be alone, mission accomplished
new dick in ya life, stop it
had my dick in a vice, topless
pics all on my phone, I ain't delete those
no comment, don't wanna talk, well b**** I ain't Tirico
you can fall on like 50 dudes between now and my death
but I'm beyond deaf
I can't see you, you don't exist, threw all away all yo' gifts
birthday's 2 months from now,
I hope you got emotions down on yo list
hah, 'cause you the best thing that ever happened to me
at the same time, you the fuckin' worst
(fuck this verse)


I been chillin', hangin', thinkin' 'bout my life without you in it
I been fine, phone be blowin' up, way too many women
in this world, can't be trippin' over one or I become
blind victims of yo system, I been starin' at the Sun
At the Sun

Verse 2

She got somebody
I don’t wanna know what he look like,
fuck it...when shit get rocky,
cause you rebounded
don’t me callin, I rerouted, yo
grown ass wanna be childish tho
I gave everything I had, and then mo'
got me smokin', pass the indo
I spit my game I talk my shit
you need practice suckin' d***
taught you errything you know
and yo new man is counterfeit
do better...
I just wonder if you paid attention when you measured
your life without me and life beside me
new weather, it's no mo' clouds
been on the edge, considered my end
lookin' at bridges, thinkin' 'bout jumpin'
or hangin' myself, my feet in the wind
talked to the homies, I suddenly started believin' again
used to be runnin' through women my confidence up
back to me linin' 'em up
you had me dyin' alive,
walkin' through crowds of people
they happy as hell, I'm cryin' inside
couple of exes is dyin' to ride
I can't see colors, since I lost out on my first
you changed my life girl, I don't even feel like rhymin'
(fuck this verse)


You know I got that amnesia
forgot all about you, can't remember yo features, yeah (2x)

(Fuck both of y'all) Bounce!
To infinity beyond, bounce...
Track Name: No Juice (Prod. The Trackoholics)
(I ain’t got no juice)
2 cups, po up
imma slay the game when I grow up
ghost ride the whip when I show up
hope she watchin me when I blow up

(no juice)
2 cups, po up
imma slay the game when I grow up
ghost ride the whip when I show up
hope she watchin me when I blow

(I ain’t got no juice)
the hell do y’all think?
whenever I’m thirsty, pass that drank
whenever I’m thirsty, pass that drank
whenever I’m thirsty, pass that drank (2x)

Verse 2

I don’t know about y’all…
but whenever I fall…yeah

all I got is my balls, it ain’t enough words
yeah, feelings been un-heard
a bunch of anger inside of a cuss word
people listenin’ thinkin’ I’m ab-surd
I’m a little handsome, but had enough curves
got me standoffish, and ending up worse
why? women got me thinkin
ain’t nobody really worth that
never talking and I’m tryna get the nerve back
don’t nobody know what I been dealing wit
all I got is dedication, stealing it
spittin’ my game to the women they, feelin it
but never fall through, hands to the ceiling
wit’ a question (what?)
do I gotta be the player finessin’
layers of flair to preface the flexin’
just for the digits, the haters gone text in
“he the type of joker that’ll leave”
wait a minute
I’m a real man, why I gotta worry bout the process
know I used to be a monster, the Loch Ness
got less time left for the money
my bets on the honeys that be rockin in the front row
stop looking, stop worrying about it
momma said it’s gone happen when I let God have it
that’s a bet, got me feelin like John Madden
send a X and O…nobody gotta know that I’m juiceless