Mayday (Fire Squad Freestyle)

by Cam James

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Cam lets it all loose on J. Cole's "Fire Squad". Hot damn.



Verse 1

Perfect timing, i know they ain't got no room for rhyming
I'm buried underground, unlocking the room that I'm in
thinkin' you hit the game, and I copyrighted her hymen
I'll sit on a private jet, and make somebody find a pilot
this is not a game for me, the whole world stand in the balance
I'm fast forwarding while y'all hit the mannequin challenge
being consistent half of the fight, i ain't never passin' the mic
I'm a king, a table of knights, I demand a chalice
revoke ya ballots, ain't got no balance I'm power-hungry
this for them rappers' radio chatter, they tryna son me
but I'm playin' rugby, no flag, you got the rhymes and no swag
ya girl front and center, every show be tryna hug me
this shit get ugly, it ain't for the weak
...hearted, I got to speak
on it, I got the reach
guarded, my mind against
y'all blow trumpets, and get a lotta pence
you poor, elect somebody that's rich...that's makes a lotta sense
really I kinda miss, not knowin' about the struggle
I'm growin', forgot to love you,
it's pourin, I"m bout to flood you
my words is sybilant, punchlines dismemberment
flow is off of the planet, for anybody that gives a shit
my lyrics hit, get closer to hear me spit
my ancestors bump it while they dodgin' the nearest whip man
recall the moment I became a modern day apostle
switchin' from sensitive to goofy back to fuckin' hostile
pardon my language, I'm poppin' but not as famous as
local artists that ride every wave until the water dryin'
bitch I been grindin' for years, done seen a lot of cryin'
escaped from the Matrix, 'cause I done seen a lot of Zion
shoutout to Speaker Ryan, Republicans ancient Mayans
predicted the future then made it, they think this dick is the greatest
they fell for it, 'bout to grease and elbow it
when it all falls down, I need the confidence that all y'all found
just a young Black man with a gift
call me apocalypse
punch like Apollo I'm packin' rocket ships
Olympic bars, I split kick like a soccer flip
get up off my Johnson, need permission to ride the tip
Cam James


Watch me the kick the damn flame
artificial barriers, we light it 'cause it's man made
why you workin' 9 to 5, tryna get the man paid
tryna stop the hustle, then you tryna catch the damn fade
(Mayday, mayday) 2x

Verse 2

I need a vacay
gettin' money, eatin' the bars, feel like it's Payday
half of my shit over ya head, feel like I'm Pele
make ya girl a celeb, direct it like I"m Ray J
hit 'em wit the AK, 47 bars all cray cray
groupies in the stands want the JJ
but these two balls, don't be takin' new calls
if you used to ride the dick, you gotta take it, you lost
in a new area code and a different stage of my life
'bout to find a lovely lady, commit and make her my wife
get a slice, of the dream everybody seem to be chasin'
even though I'm after bigger, that life lookin' amazin'
can't call it...y'all the type to apprehend my wallet
extortin' me for my soul, my spirit got hella mileage
they don't expect me to smile, that's exactly why I be beamin'
been holdin' my shit under, you wonder how I been breathin' huh?

...just became a believer huh?


released November 20, 2016
Written, Performed & Mixed by Cam James in Atlanta, GA
Cover Art by Cam James
Produced by Vinylz



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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