Lately Remix feat. Deante Hitchcock (Prod. Antman)

by Cam James

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Cam enlists Atlanta's young legend, Deante Hitchcock, for an explosive remix to his leviTAPE album standout "Lately".



Intro (Cam James)

Aight so I been ridin’ a lot…workin’ a lot
definitely thinkin’ a lot
and uh…this the remix, the homie Deante
got up out the whip for this one
put on for the A lehh get it


Lately I just been (workin’)
Lately I just been (ridin’)
Lately I just been (thinkin’)
tryna keep my mind on straight (2x)

Verse 1 (Deante Hitchcock)

Aye somedays I think I can fly
somedays i can’t even fathom the thought
and somedays i just wish I could cry
how yo cup runneth over, you facin’ a drought
i found comfort way deep in my mind
got the walls talkin’ to me they scream and they shout
i don’t care what it take, I just gotta get out
grab the Key and I Peele, I just gotta Get Out
see it all ‘fore I turn 25
I could K.O. the mind, think outta the box that they got us in
washin’ my skin wit’ these Washingtons
Benjamin Frank talkin’ to me, he tell me don’t stop again
fly, gettin’ high, Mary Poppins to poppin’ Hot Boy
but I’m just a lil’ Juvie ya heard
man I gotta choose peace over worry, or reload the 30
take three to the head, Stephen Curry
I bury my inhibitions, put down the hubris picked up the Henny
I’m still improving, the clock is ticking, fuck the competition
still the shit wit’ no pot to piss in
i make moves like a politician, fuck the politics
my demo crack and you gotta listen
read my pub I can spot the difference
in the jugg, ’n the jig, but I’m jiggin’, I’m optimistic, so


Verse 2 (Cam James)

lately y’all been real intimidated
complacency, ambition chasin’ me
vision bigger than these Patty Mayonnaises
pressin’ me like Pistons in the 80s
self-made, only Jay around me,
makin’ Lemonade, outta empty promises
and failed dates, I eliminated
all the love, that’ll get you faded
50 told me get rich or die tryin’, imma
do that, but also do right by momma
daddy ghostwrote a master plan for me
i ain’t follow that shit, I just hollowed my tip
then I fired my clip at the naysayers
reputation as a playa playa
but my baby tell you different, it’s a Black Sabbath
mettle heavy, forever ready
this for all of my fans that never met me
I’m the pinnacle of tale tellers (mother goose)
all yo fans fair-weather (don’t fuck wit u)
No vaseline, Jerry Heller (another Cube)
Ice all up in my veins, Bobby Brown, a new millennium
records in, I’m in my element
pockets poppin’ like my melanin


released March 28, 2018
Written, Mixed, Recorded by Cam James at Hardawave Studios
Co-written by Deante Hitchcock
Produced by Antman

Mastered by Shordeli
Artwork by Cam James


all rights reserved



Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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