Idol Thoughts (Prod. Lexi Banks)

by Cam James



Clarity is only achieved through time. They're just people, I promise.



Verse 1

I was born in,
an arcade then put coins in,
lately the game got quiet though,
wonderin' where all that noise went
Iron Mans wit alloys bent
n I'm consistent like Floyd wins
every track better than my last,
this shit in my past makes boys men
poised when all the praise,
comes pourin' in, 'cause one day
nigga my name gon' pop from fiends on rocks
to sermons on a Sunday
and I feel like, it's comin' down to one play, y'all trust me?
To carry that rock, bury that shot,
wit 5 on the clock, I'm rusty
but on the mic I'm liftin' weights
evisceratin' y'all lames,
snapbacks, tats and Balmain
prophylactics all over my music
bite my style, good luck tryna use it, cause
flow like Spike, write my joints, the same way you get drugs
inhale better hold that shit, second hand, I bet you get buzzed
reprimands, when I cue this up, I got that Black skin and I'm braggin' yeah
every beat I'm on I hijack, flight 93 I'm in the atmosphere
I'm hungry, niggas ain't Katniss here, they rue the day I stopped playin'
been focused, microscopes on these jokers, greatness I'm just sayin'
I'm just sayin'


Y'all niggas don't know? (who the fuck is yo idol) (4x)
stare at the sky n they thinkin' I'm high on Coke
suppliers, liars I got my eye on both
and, I'm the reason why, y'all gettin' by and hope,
a nigga don't find yo throat

watch yo shine hoe (4x) (who the fuck is yo idol)
better get by and hope, a nigga don't find yo throat, uh

Verse 2

I'm tailor made, got a rap Jones, in that fatal phase
salutations to the hip hop lovers, all the legends that made a way
for this kid from a little bit of somethin',
to speak his mind in this piece of time,
only here for one blink, blessed wit that higher purpose
tryna feed minds,
outchea tryna get rewinds, bars deep wit' no car seats
explicit lyrics, that sticker ain't jokin'
Amazon flow on hard beats
I got zero, time and patience for the people
in the congregation cause I'm regal
population is on TiVo, that's that real shit right
Miley Cyrus that virus, and Kim K's far from the finest, trust
came back from my lowest point, just got my stars in alignment, but
y'all don't know the half of it, ain't even got a grand in my budget
I just shake Stans, like Drake's hands, and then make fans if y'all love it
crank that Hammer dance, ya can't touch it, back up
in the cut, my skills stack up
next to niggas y'all praisin',
blame me for the flood like Nagin,
when my walls break, ya favorite rapper got a harder case to make
ain't shavin', got blades to they napes,
while I make my way through them gates,
who the hell yo idol is?


Verse 3

Lookin' up to me, myself and I
my parents gave me that clarity, and then I ran that by
the life I live, my tribulations woulda broke me if
I never had the mind, to keep thoughts in line, never put a man that high

I don't know about God,
but I never put a man that high

I don't know about God,
but I never put a man that high


released March 16, 2014
Written, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Cam James in Marietta, GA
Produced by Lexi Banks Music Group
Artwork designed by Cam James



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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