Orange Soda: The 90's EP

by Cam James



9-track EP, collection of some of the 90's greatest R&B classics, remixed by The Concept.

Remastered by Cam James in Atlanta, GA


released March 23, 2013

Written, Recorded, Mixed & Designed by The Concept in Orlando, FL



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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Track Name: Orange Soda O.D. (The Intro)
Verse 1

Amanda Bynes-minded, throwin' off the Earth alignment
All That with a pen and pad, my first assignment
time machine travel to the Feel Me Flow era
gold ropes, and trust I don't choke an on-stage terror
MCMXC, M-A-Y 3rd
every track is major league, verses pop, a fly third
Mossberg, pumpin' out the b-boy and breakdance
type of music, it's fresh, def and other fly words
remember high, top fades, and the finger waves
bad boys smokin' blacks, pre-Wiz Khalifa days
beats blazed just, in a different way, plus
lyricism was an art, and better singers raised up, uh
house parties all the ladies sweatin' Keith
or traffic, niggas bumpin' New Edition out the Jeep
or, Big Willie Style on the radio wit L Boogie
Kani jackets wit the J's up on the feet
my, favorite R&B singers, R. Kelly, Usher, Joe
favorite rappers: Escobar, Jigga, and the R. so
my bars flow, counter-typical, like the Amazon, original
themes and my passion make it visceral
...nigga, the only one that you gon' listen to tellin'
hella stories droppin' bars like a prison do, felon
locked up for assaultin' my oppposition
but I plead insanity, can't help it, it's my condition
I'm ill... yeugh!

Verse 2

Bout to be 23, do the math
I was born in that MCMXC, then take off the last three
huh, you thought that you was bad
moonwalkin' on niggas' self-esteem, smooth committin' felonies
this game ain't got no referees, earnin' my stripes tho
call me The Concept, or that spitter wit the nice flow
thinkin' a nigga might blow, up with the right push
the wrath of caine, no malice but I'm a psycho
n wherever my Nikes go, criticism'll follow
givin' you Mrs. Pacmans plenty of shit to swallow
talkin' bout you gon' pull out ya straps, n pop a hollow
man I doubt it, niggas gettin' they courage from a bottle bro
call this moscato flow, 'cause this beat gross
satisfied wit' nothin', y'all niggas be deep throatin'
celebrities, honestly, ain't too many on my level
fuck the fame, cause I'll never compromise or settle
heavy metal when I rock a fan mid-sentence
12 rounds, liftin' heavy weights like gym fitness
spread sickness, catch fever wit the quickness
commit, serial murder no protectin' the witness
I decided to take a trip, back to the era
of the windbreakers wit the Timbalands,
by puttin' Simba hands on a dyin' craft,
Them hyenas laughin', but say I ain't killin' it, n youza lyin' ass
I'm that one rapper you thought you had figured, right
thinkin' I got the stayin' power of Vanilla Ice
all that themed shit, talkin' bout ya dreams shit
that's played out, until ya friends sayin' man that nigga nice
had to open with a monster,
odd couplin', like Sammy Davis and Sinatra
Dean Martin Lawrence brought me up
then the Fresh Prince closed it out
every verse I leave a hater wit an open mouth
next nigga

Verse 3

...take y'all back real quick, down memory lane

Uh...uh... reminisce wit' me, yeah

I'm feelin' like a, old timer nowadays
youngins obsessin' over J's
y'all niggas ain't never seen him play
sayin' all of the shit my parents don't want me to say
because I'm fed up, and the revolution's in my DNA
Born in the very beginnin', May of 1990 wit'
no spoons of silver, no big crib or designer shit
back when watchin' Nick was as common as windbreakers
predominately ballin', I wanted to be a Laker
was raised with all three MJs, bumpin' old school
BBD to Jodeci, high tops was so cool
Walkmans, in my pocket, to school I walked man
girls playin' hopscotch, jumpin' to where the chalk land
buzzin', watchin' Kenan & Kel, Amanda Bynes
Hey Arnold, Dexter's Lab, fuck an Adventure Time
used to be a skinny kid wit dreams of bein' bigger
God gave me a weapon, I finally pulled the trigger
wit a, LL voice, flow is on some Escobar
Rakim inspired me to greatness, often I debate this,
whether the 90s is on top,
ignorin' all the "yes yes y'all's" and "don't stops"
but ultimately gotta say my childhood was (ALL THAT)
this bullshit on the radio ain't (ALL THAT)
I finally made a tape to talk about (ALL THAT)
so sit tight y'all, it's comin' right at chaaa
Track Name: Creepin' (Prod. Dallas Austin)
Uh, she want ya money
takin' everything and you just trickin' on the honey
couple backshots she got you comin' outta pocket
talkin' bout it ain't trickin' if you got it... is that right? (Creep)

She got you buyin' Prada bags and takin' trips
you found her dancin' at the strip club makin' tips
she pussy poppin' on a handstand, but she was fine
you caught up in her curves, you ain't take ya time

Verse 1

she got them legs thicker than an anaconda
she get it from her momma,
small bankroll, but got an appetite for Benihanas
got you spendin' ya cheese on spa trips n saunas
pedicures and trips to the mall to pay designers
bags that cost a couple stacks, it's nothin', you got the racks
give her credit cards, and sendin' her off to shop at Saks
Fifth, unaware that she be coppin' mad gifts
for friends and other lovers, knock boots like blacksmiths
that express is american nigga ain't no comparison
you ain't no entertainer, but ballin' harder than Harrison
Barnes stormin' the malls, comin' out wit' nice bags
you got bills to pay, and all she bring is price tags
you never thought you'd be the one to hook a gold digger
but every time she claim love it make her nose bigger
and she don't know Tigger, but them double G's right
if you thinkin' that you got it, I suggest you think twice
'cause she creepin'

Verse 2

Next scenario
she heard you comin' out her friend's stereo
gettin' hot locally, so she plottin' to marry you
very loose, known around the ATL like Lauren London's character
so she chasin', you kickflip, she varial
you can't run away from them groupies forever, she the chief
massage ya back and she a devil in between the sheets
them legs thick and the higher them breasts sit
the more you want her to bring it back, to see them sex tricks
there ain't no exit, once you lost in that vagina maze
you smokescreen her, but she findin' you behind the haze
a couple different highlights in her tracks,
got the purple and dirty blonde, and her makeup on some Cinemax
before you made it, this wouldn't have been an issue
now every time you hit the club, them hoes tryna kiss you
you slip up and she gets you, evacuate the scene
if you hit it unprotected, she got you for 18
man she creepin'

Verse 3

'Ye tried to tell ya
feedin' all them hoes, that's inevitable failure
just a young nigga wit a world full of knowledge
kickin' rhymes for the generations, watch ya lady
'cause she creepin'
Track Name: Above The Crew (Prod. Teddy Riley)
No one man above the crew
No one man above the crew
Who got the juice?

tryna be that one, man above the crew
tryna be that one, man above the crew
Never watch the news

Groups of kids in classrooms nationwide been
poisoned by, inferior circumstances attention been
directed away from our issues to large missiles
that's why youngins takin' bullets to they heart tissue
n every time I see a death up on the news,
I'm waitin' for follow ups 'cause murder always comes in twos
the homeless, destitute ain't got no avenues
so women up on the corner blowin' pipes like the blues
it's a bad time indeed, these ain't anomalies
seems like around the world we got the same kinda needs
workin' for common peace, but
when they callin' Jesus up he never seems to answer
so instead they blazin' trees up
police busy arrestin' niggas for weed when it's
really not the problem infectin' our seeds
they blame it on the games, rap music and Mickey D's
when they pumpin' distorted reality through they TVs
uh... no diggity, tell me what's the missin' piece
foreclosures, wit families up in the streets
stories always about a foreign killer
when our government, hits em in threes like Reggie Miller
(don't shoot me) am I talkin' truth, absolutely
inner cities more dangerous than where the troops be
a Bruce Lee impressionist, when I kick my messages
I'm just a reporter, y'all decide what the lesson is

this lyricism is my weapon bitch

they can't take away my words, never
and now I'm better than ever

Some of these cops is pussy
and cats be chasin, after rats from basic
instinct, or is it how they trained 'em
wear a bandanna, hang up on the wrong corner
regularly, and they just assumin' niggas is bangin'
and the story ranges, from illegal raids in,
the projects to drug heists actually makin' sense
if you close to law enforcement, don't take offense
this is just some revolutionary talkin' from the fence
uh... if you read the signs, you would realize
that you ingestin' some real lies wit yo real eyes
yes, our President is black, but its bigger than that
we still got WorldStar settin' niggas back
a good fifty, years pass, we cryin' no tear gas
'cause our sons dyin' in the streets
and no amount of, rhetoric is gonna fix it,
if I'm soundin' pessimistic,
hold up nigga let's refer to statistics
'cause it's been, what, 60 years almost
since Jim Crow ended, we still sheddin' tears for votes
but you can, hear the notes of victory when I be spittin'
'cause my skin color probably feared the most
and no doubt that I'm, and exception wit me n mine
'cause I got a college degree, around some freer minds
but I consider, to be our duty as spitters
to be philosophical beyond the bullshit on Twitter
stop the boastin' son, we know ya 9 iron knocks a hole in one
but life is bigger than you might consider from behind the trigger
wit all the street cred prison for life'll get ya
you could start rappin', just don't expect me to trifle wit ya

'cause I'm tryna be that one, man above the crew
I'm tryna be that one, man above the crew
the devil always lookin' for recruits
but I'm spendin' all my free time slippin' up out the noose,
word up
Track Name: Fre$h Prince (Prod. The Concept)
Verse 1

I remember way back in California
when I first heard The Chronic I was 10 (hah)
I had to make amends, for my lack of knowledge
on hip hop, so I'm payin' homage
real music disappearing like the Sonics
before I lyrically vomited I was just a youngin' wit
a desire for J's, that shit was like validation
nothin' but classic R&B on the radio stations
plus the hip hop, that got me inspired, my motivation
was Nas, Rakim, LL Cool, stayin' afterschool
bumpin' Kriss Kross at the gym, BBD at the pool
back when wearin' Reebok was respectable, remember that?
Clinton era, when all the houses went to Democrats
before my Timberlands, Osh Kosh back when Pete would Rock
MJ in Space Jam, whole world was sneaker shocked
championship number 4 coincided wit Independence Day
my favorite movie, same year that 'Pac passed away

and the pastor say, try to learn from ya past, right
I'm tryna help a game recoverin' from gas lights
my generation known for technology, and I done seen
enough shit to blow your mind I feel like Socrates


What ya know about me
over 21 and I ain't showin' ID
backpack strap loose, no bottle still I got juice
rockin' Jumpmans over my feet

Wake up...
get it together n I raise up
runnin' shit, I gotta keep the pace up
trust I got my J's and they laced up

Verse 2

Suburbs in LA, that's traffic wit no valet,
lookin' for them rich folks, Beverly Hills is that way
modest means, actin' out and chasin' childish dreams
and thirteen years later, nigga I'm doin' the same..thing
and I still got that N, 64 on deck I been
bidin' my, time, and relivin' it through these rhymes
while exercisin' fantasies runnin' through all these dimes
it was My Brother And Me, remember the slide we used to climb backwards?
them clothes, always hand me downs until we grow
why the hell Bishop shot up Raheem, I don't really knoowww
Juice got arrested, same time, my homie sent
me Naughty By Nature instrumentals, so they could Feel Me Flow
this that decade that made a nigga, schoolyard fights
and we was too bad for babysitters, had everything I could ask for
can't pretend to be po', ask anybody I grew up with, I was friendly before
everything changed...future still most promising in the house
I found this rap shit, lost it like pennies up in the couch,
chillin' out, hoopin' after school, beatboxin' on desks
no doubt, 90's was better, now I'm out to be the best nigga

Air Jordan 11's, errybody rocked 'em
from the hoes to the reverends
y'all remember those,
every day was like an episode
of the best shows, fiendin' to get the best of clothes
I, reminisce on, the decade that built me up
afternoons outside, one on one for 20 bucks
man... sometimes I the world could rewind
thoughts of an adolescent as I sat up on the bus
word up
Track Name: Mind Ya Bidness (Prod. Timbaland)
Everybody got that one
they fell in love wit, and then drifted away from
girl I gave you my heart, my spirit and then some
gettin' sick of you insistin', a nigga ain't deliver
uhhhh I beg to differ, was helpin' out yo sister
she turned around diggin' me like I ain't never missed ya
girl I got some blisters, workin' til my hands raw
tryna keep it together, microscopin' my damn flaws
take a break from the, pointin' fingers distributin' blame shit
gotta say, you done changed, this really ain't the same chick
I met, in '97...I might be callin' up the reverend
lookin' like you 'bout to snap at any second
never learnin' my, lesson
'cause I kept runnin' back to the same
woman that left me hangin' without a jacket in rain
a triflin', backstabbin' type of chick
wit a vendetta for decent niggas, in my defense
girl I made you

Your ex-boyfriend was beatin' you, remember that shit?
girl you always had a knack for attractin' them half-wits
I took you away from all of that, he was callin' actin'
like you was his property, it's me that had him fallin' back
I guess you losin' yo memory in the short-term
spreadin' lies about how I treated you, well its yo turn
dig this, so far I been complicit wit the ignance
but at this point I'm considerin' switchin' phone digits up
you on some Robin Givens, tried to kick me in my nuts
keyin' niggas cars up, 'cause you thinkin' yo heart crushed
my tolerance, is higher than most, but common sense
is tellin' me I need to get out this environment
domestic violence is nothin' new to me
grew up in a, broken home, seeing everything you see as a kid
now I'm removed, two parents had to choose one
I ain't tryna repeat, what the hell is you talkin' bout?
I couldn't stop you from walkin' out, don't be comin' back
wit that, I forgive you bullshit, let's talk it out
huh, I don't want no parts of somebody that doesn't trust me
keep leavin' them messages about how much you love me

now this shit up on a different level, same game
and you actin' like I switched up, girl I ain't changed
always been the one, you called over when you needed a shoulder
but girl I'm done, only memories remain 'cause it's over

Can I flex real quick?
bet you mad 'cause a nigga livin' good
gated community while you still up in the hood
social network bashin', that everlastin'
hate that you got for me, I ain't never understood but
it wasn't all bad, we was hoopin' at the park
holdin' hands n all of that, I put it down after dark
then you wanna snap, sayin' I can't get you back
I don't want you though, maybe now I can finally relax
Fresh Prince
Track Name: Buried Underground (Prod. Keith Crouch)
Uh, don't complain, man you asked for it
don't complain, man you asked for it

I'm sittin' at the crib the other day right
thinkin' back on my life, backtrackin'
recountin' shit that happened
runnin' my childhood back, wit slow motion reactions
events that fucked up my mindset, and some that had me laughin'
all in all I been blessed though wit,
family, health in essence,
openin' presents from the hospital to adolescence
the sibling rivalry, coupled wit some fights that we
was witnessin' between parents that would fall on knives for me
I rightfully, inherited anger problems by the time
I got to college, was hidin' behind all my smiles wit
kind gestures and comic relief, grades was the least
of my issues, along wit several women that I misused
comin' behind a misogynist, and a mother that started
drama wit, everybody, she just went down the list
no wonder niggas like me, decide to rap about
the shit that we encounter, now I'm askin' what happens now

A skinny nigga, big head dreams bigger
realized vision 16s on the trigger
what the hell happens when ya find ya lane rappin'
went from concrete jungles to the trees wit gorillas I was

Nahh I don't condone violence or broken bones
but I done had, my share of fights n some bad,
luckily, nobody ever brought rifles to class
I had some sane classmates, but it's like 50 last dates
'cause a nigga moved, too many times for me to count
the perpetual new kid, wit intelligence leakin' out
I had to, earn my stripes like them niggas wit whistles
ambitious, I'd be damned if I have to live in the middle
always holdin' in, what I'm feelin' 'cause my pops is military
no real friends, 'cause every school was just temporary
Became a poet, why'd I do it? 'Cause chicks like it
commenced writin' about my problems I was sendin' every
emotion I felt, anger & frust-ration was pourin' out
I parlayed to spoken word the lord announced
I been pre-ordained to bring that lyrical rain
Found my purpose in life and I won't never be the same
but I'm askin'

got me buried underground
got no time to wait, man I'm comin' now
pourin' out my soul, so I'm buzzin' now
feelin' like a king but, dynasties go up and down
tryna live forever (2x)
Track Name: Showin' Off Ya Ass (Prod. Nu Deal)
Verse 1

I ain't no Drake type, baby but I feel for ya
ain't you tired of bein' the one he misused?
you got kids to feed, bills that gotta be paid
exercisin' your options, every lottery played
for real you way too pretty to have ya makeup runnin'
cryin' to ya cousin bout some nigga that hit it and ran
I got constructive criticism for yo next date
sit back n listen baby press play

This is a PSA
You quarterbackin' them, trash niggas
runnin' after them, at top speed
body armor got a crack in 'em
show ya ass crack in them, jeans ridin' low
and then you askin' em, why they cheatin' on you while you smackin' em
in fact, girl you welcome that honestly
'chasin' after them local athletes,
no pads, but you still on ya knees
fallin' out drunk, but you like it tho n
impressed, by niggas behind an S like you Lois (like you Lois)
and ya momma doesn't help 'cause she's a hoe too
niggas steady posted in her box like a phone booth
drama poppin' off, I bet that you the one behind it
hair weave puller, double chainz attractin' ya iris, huh
I hate to call ya basic, but if that shoe fits
and you followin' after these broke niggas shoe prints
guess we got a winner, somebody got to get her
off of this self-pity shit, you always actin' bitter
listen up

Do what Lauryn recommends,
showin' off ya ass 'cause you thinkin' it's a trend won't work
hard rock when you really are a gem,
stop showin' off ya ass 'cause you thinkin' it's a trend

Verse 2

Vicious cycle, keep messin' wit known players
they steady disappearing like the ozone layer
all day it's, more of the same, com-plainin'
bout somebody that left you hangin', where yo self control at?
hold that thought for just a second, ma
fragile on the inside, but them nails weaponized
quick to snap on, an honest dude that got a future
n stayed with that other nigga that threatened to shoot ya
some Rihanna shit,
claim you half-Indian, but predominant
features, obviously comin' from that ratchet Black side
that's why you gon' die alone if you don't straighten up
don't believe me? hey, messin' wit them Stevie J's
ain't the move, if you tryna move forward wit ya life
trippin' like, a real nigga's Kryptonite to ya
postin' pictures of ya cleavage and ya ass crack
gon' get the same niggas prone to give ya flashbacks
do this

Residual, feelings never leavin' you
and that's fine, learn to live wit it, I be bleedin' too
you just gotta stop givin' niggas a reason to
take advantage, you know good n well you don't wanna reproduce
stop fallin' for superficial shit that he can do,
payin' more attention to paid bills that he produce
what's he bringin' to the table? Are you matchin' that shit?
does the thought of wifin' you, throw him off his axis
questions you need to ask this nigga before he packs his
bags up, I know that sometimes its mad tough
I done been there, done that, some pretty bad stuff
you want a passionate dude that gets his ass up
'cause these kids need a father, while you ridin' that bus
think about ya own future, don't let that pass up
one love

Guess I changed my mind,
you gon' end up wit the right one if you takin' ya time
hopefully you get the message when I'm layin' these rhymes
you headed in the right direction, obeyin' the signs
'cause I'm just sayin' tho, eventually you get tired of playin' roles
standin' up for what you want, then you started sayin' so
take some advice, I ain't captain save-a-ho
you gon' get the man that you been waitin'
Track Name: Carmen S.D. (Prod. Timbaland)
Listen up
I, saw you comin' from across the street
you lookin' like the type of woman I'd be honored to meet
ya vibe tight, got that whip lookin' right
but who's that nigga sittin' in it,
more importantly, you wifed up?
I see more than a few, rings sittin' on them fingers
custom made necklaces the indication lingers
got a nigga thinkin' you committed to,
somebody, cause ya body too mean for you to be alone,
comin' from a decent home, i could tell that as soon as you spoke
your attractiveness, got these niggas doin' the most
and I ain't tryna add to it, so I'm playin' it cool
chillin' on the wall, watchin' as you walked by
parked wide, blockin' off a driveway
I got a little closer, and I heard the other guy say
"hurry up baby, you gon' make us late",
and that confirmed my suspicions
but I'm tryna talk to ya, we can make him wait

If you only knew... I think I found my Carmen S.D.
Is that you baby? I know you got a man, but

...what's that got to wit me? Let me talk to ya, uh

Ya hair curly all up in the back,
and I could watch you walk in widescreen Cinemax
ya legs Brazilian waxed, ass lookin' mighty fat
in a good way, wit a "ph", picture you comin' back
wit me, girl we can get away
and say al vida zein to that lame you came wit
if I put it down, you won't be wakin' up the same chick
for sho, now I ain't got no suicide doors
on a Rolls, or that rose gold wit designer clothes
but I got this flow crazy like the Amazon tho
let's hit this house party up and see if you can wine slow
'cause my homie play lookin' out for the kid
and I can't, take my mind off of how tight ya outfit is
let's see what the outcome is, if you take a chance and get with me
I'll hit you off from every angle, put yo ass to sleep
girl on the real, you the one I been lookin' at for weeks
I done seen my share of Mona Lisas, you a masterpiece
no doubt

Aight nigga who the mack,
give up that five that you promised me
wasn't gon' do it honestly, I ain't the type to homewreck
but them bikini clad trophies, don't go to niggas that don't flex
y'all thought I wasn't gon' do it, she gon' play me to the left
and have me lookin' hella stupid but you thought wrong
I got her interest, even if she ain't tryna roll at the moment
she took my number, gotta count for somethin', don't it?
(somethin' don't it)
on a scale of 1 to 10, I got a 98
plus I'm only 17, so that has to validate
my street cred, I'll be talkin' shit for several weeks, trust
after this house party, she'll be lettin' me touch
she doesn't, carry herself like all these other girls tho
if I win this bet, I'm bout to let the whole world know
'cause I'm the mack daddy, or the daddy mack, forget which
had me kriss krossed off the colors of her lipstick
my Carmen S.D.
Track Name: Let The Beat Breathe! [Bonus] (Prod. Pete Rock)

S/o to Heavy one time ya dig

Welcome to my gym,
flexin' on the bench press, treadmillin' in some Timbs
single-handedly, bringin' back a decade,
that's known for the fresh shit
Bernie Mac Above The Rim, focused on the next hit
I am the best spit, acid, Nesquik
black dude that drop poisonous rhymes, I'm blessed wit
the prowess, to get a message out like cell towers
conscience of an angel, wit the gates of hell power
mic check, you posin' a mighty light threat
and I'm ballin', name up on my back, write checks ain't
fallin' for jack shit, I ain't got no accent
beat got me rushin', and I ain't doin' backflips
but hey, we can slow it down too
sittin' in my corner til' its round two
fuck that, give the order to my ground troops
yellin' at you niggas like my bedroom is sound proof,
I refuse to, lose track of my identity
no, sympathy for those gettin' lost in they own history
literally, vomit up that weak shit you droppin' plus
you lames soft, find nuts like Ibaka punch,
chief rocker, highly respected like Sinatra
most niggas, tryna get a phantom like the opera
but me, I'm kickin' off, got a contract for soccer
pullin' muscles on the mic, man I prolly need a doctor
throwback to a better time, 1-9 to the 9-0
don't know about it, nevermind
let it... breathe

S/o to Heavy, my rhymes followin' suit
how do I lose, when I'm flippin' niggas outta they shoes
got em in twos, standin' in front of the, door to fame
my numbers up, now I guess we gotta play the waitin' game
I graduated I should stop right (we don't stop)
or try to cross over into pop right (we don't flop)
nahh, niggas sellin' out I don't like (but they makin' bucks)
tell me somethin', what that got to do with us
and by us, I mean me, entourage is myself and I
I love my fans, ain't sayin' y'all ain't helpin I'm
kinda hard headed, Triceratops cause I deaded
all the dead weight steady takin' credit
'cause all day, all I do is write and bang tracks out
grind, get money, while my debit card tapped out
blacked out, and rap 'bout, trust issues, and scud missiles
them critics sendin' out to fuck wit you
name another, mainstream or undercover,
rapper wit all this passion, man I never get enough of,
entertaining my people, wordplay is on third base
mainly 'cause I'm never showin' to work late
my work place, littered wit, bodies of the opposition
no sleep makin' classics so y'all can listen
to my music from beyond this life, shine my lights
I'm goin' round 9 wit Mike I gotta, breathe

They said have patience
but if you want the throne, you ain't sittin' on a waitlist
real talk... get ya ass up and get somethin'
makin' em acknowledge my hustle, no frontin'

and that's CPR
watchin' life fast forward on the DVR
look at my generation, you can see we are
innovators man if nothin' else,
we put some heat up on the shelf
top flight, seein' red like stoplights
anger fuelin' all my lyrics off the top right
niggas lyin' if they sayin' that I'm not nice
can't see me, get off ya toes you are not Mike
nigga when I can't breathe, the microphone is my respirator
been an outkast steppin' in the elevator
hit the highway, I'm doin' buck fifty
claim you married to the game, I just met her later
that's my chick