Unsure (Prod. Chrome Sparks)

by Cam James



Uncertainty can lead to some foul shit. Fallin' out after fallin' in. #LxveLxve

S/o to Alex Magee of The Bread Brothers for the inspiration.


Love me, love me not (6x)
Make up yo damn mind

Broken dreams I been schemin', and receivin' subpoenas
I done fucked it up wit two red women like Wiz Khalifa
all well and good, when you learnin' some lessons from it
at the summit of curve mountain, got me holdin' my stomach
'cause I'm sick of, insecurities bigger than Tiny Lister
go 'head, go through my phone lookin' for nonexistent pictures
I know you know I can pull 'em, told you I ain't chasin' nobody else
you can't believe me, I'm better off by myself
wasn't eatin' when you left, she much, better for my health overall
ya friends see couples and they tell you that's supposed to be y'all
how the hell you fall outta love wit a man that gave you purpose
then fall right back in it wit a clown you just met at the circus
that's what yo life is, and I got up on that trapeze
more than once, tryna flip to satisfy yo random ass needs
retirin', women like you, push men to violence
back to runnin' these streets, and my homies playin' the violins

'cause they know I was tryna win
I been in too many vaginas since

back in these streets,
my meat requires condiments...

she know, that I know, I got the juice
but does she love me not

questions that need answers

uh, I gave her way too many chances
knew you was young and lost, I stayed with you regardless
of all the shit you put me through was hella heartless
you know I be flamin', but still you wanted to start shit
bendin' over backwards tryna put you up on Mars wit'
heaven's angels, painful, I remained anger proof
every time you draggin' irrelevant conversations to the surface
it happened six months ago, ain't do nothin' wrong you throw
it my face still, I'm lookin' for a way to kill...

...off, these emotions I done evolved since
her lips givin' me life I'm feelin' like the frog prince
I know you been missin' how I made you grab the sheets
until police, come knockin' from hearin' screamin' in apartments
reputation preceded me so you wanted some
got an open door policy, girl you can go or come
'cause lately I been givin' face and gettin' feedback
ain't nobody irreplaceable better believe that


released October 29, 2014
Cover of Chrome Sparks' "Marijuana" off of GRL MTN's "AAURAL II" EP. All production by Chrome Sparks.

Written, Mixed & Recorded by Cam James in Marietta, GA.



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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