Smart K​!​ds Can't Rap feat. Bank​$​y (Prod. Will Shine)

by Cam James



A powerful collab between two of Georgia Tech's finest, doin' what we do best. Will Shine on the track.


Smart kids can't rap... everybody knows that

Drivin' 'round the city watchin' lights change
nowadays I'm focused on the right things
I ain't from this city, but it needed me
movin' onto the beginnin' of this life game

Guns bang, why you carryin' a knife fool?
real talkin, I ain't felt like this since high school
wit' this music I done found my lane, changed my game
I'm drivin' in the back of my range, nigga

Verse 1

Just in case you niggas ain't heard (The Concept nigga)
I'm kickin' that Lethal Weapon
2 Chainz on this bike I been ridin' since I was seven
multi-million dollar deals, see em in my mirror,
believe, I ain't missin' them skyscrapers, 9/11
my time is the present, lookin' back at my past lately,
trustin' nobody 'cause y'all niggas is mad flaky
n with this rap shit, got em caught in the rapture
y'all some fuckin' actors why y'all bendin' over backwards
local name at the moment, I'm usin' this for practice
tryna get worldwide and circumnavigate the atlas like,
on a mission to let these niggas and women know
real rap on the comeback, usually I be chillin tho
nobody considered the college kid a contender
til I ripped a couple cyphers now all these niggas remember
my name, I live for this shit n my music the best witness
'cause bein' average is a death sentence


Verse 2 (Bank$y)

One time for the city yeah you know the kid
Cam put a nigga on, so I gotta kill
every line like a rep, watch me body build
these weak niggas always tryna tell ya how to feel
I don't need 'em, these hoes misleadin'
I'm tryna love my queen while my heart still beatin'
do it for the green, nahh buddy it ain't never that
homicide spitter have you thinkin' that I'm really strapped
backpack wit a hoody on, cold world
it gets deep, need a beat when the time right
I shine bright, so it's never mind the lime light
I'm tryna be someone ya trust, Walter Cronkite
I got vision, I was spittin' under A Game
but failed hard, got a F, now the name changed
this real rap, so it's appropriate to thank me
they ask who brought the art back, tell 'em it was Bank$y

Verse 3

Now... this shit happens bout once a generation
a youngin' wit hella skills that kick more than just entertainment
it's deeper than that, ask one of my fans they believe in my raps
blowin' out ya speakers, keep ya distance ya teeth'll collapse
feelin' that heat on my back, but ain't no such thing as pressure
murder competition, my trigger finger gettin' restless
ain't got no bodyguard but I still got protection
I'm vicious, like Mike Tyson back in 1997
but I'm usually chillin, coolin, maxin, relaxin' off
givin' less than a fuck, bout all y'all niggas' swagger talk
puttin' on for my city, and if I had to choose
it's Florida that's on my taxes, when I'm countin' revenues, right?
Gettin' to it, every day followed by long nights
don't be actin' surprised, homie this is what I do
cause I'm somethin' like a professional, y'all niggas come get me
smart kids bout to be household names around ya city
what you know?

We ambitious, workin' long nights
reachin' success requires sacrifice
when I wanted it, it was on me
they doubted though I kept my dreams low-key


released April 25, 2013
Written, Recorded & Performed by The Concept in Atlanta, GA
Additional vocals performed by Bank$y
A DJ Romeo exclusive



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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