Shoot (Prod. ThaiBeats)

by Cam James

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Women can make the first move too.



Verse 1

ya walked in
i saw ya wit’ ya friends, talkin’
put on a good face, but ya fallin’
i can see it in ya eyes, dealin’ wit’ a lot lately
life keep gettin’ mo’ tough
but you gotta stay focused for mo’ bucks
takin’ night classes to get past it
aspirations been gassin’
you keep it on the low tho
and ya look way better than ya photos
no cap, you a goddess baby
the way ya hair glide crazy
everybody want it
but I ain’t dyin’ for the beat
like Dr. Dre be
‘cause the dick ain’t free
I got game, but it’s a two-way
you gon’ have to shoot ya shot
I been livin’ in the booth a lot
show me somethin’ real quick
lemme see the type juice you got


go ‘head, shoot that shit
(that shit) gon’ be waitin’ on me
(on me) ‘cause I don’t ask
love like that (like that)
but you bringin’ it back
wit’ yo grown ass
say sum’ to me (say sum’)
we can make this real
and we gon’ rock
it’s all on you, girl what you gon do
take yo own shot (shoot yo shot)

Verse 2

now I got yo attention, fascination
turn it on, that’s activation
everybody in ya past ain’t worked out, bad relations
gettin’ ideas, machinations
‘bout me and you, goin’ on trips to the Appalachians
never adds up, calculations
‘cause ya ain’t really want that
stings like vaccinations
but it’s all yo imagination
gotta make yo move
uh, already knew my name ‘fore I walked in the room
ya mind got reservations but you gotta get through ‘em
is you tryna get a piece or not?
ya girlfriend blockin’, police the shot
‘cause it look like you really gon’ release the rock
imma sweep the box
don’t mind if you rebounding
bruh, from the way she soundin’
she ain’t thinkin’ bout players on bench
don’t flinch, she seen the competitors I be poundin’
hear that beat drownin’ out small, talk
if anybody mad, that’s y’all fault
difference is, if you got it, y’all gon’ flex
n I let her put the ball in the net
said shoot that shit

Verse 3

throw it up, pray up
alley-oop, lay-up
what it do, playa
say somethin’, shoot that shit (4x)

I ain’t know it
she was gon’ run it up high and throw it
shots on fire w/ the fire focus
talkin’ that shit then ride for it



released May 3, 2019
Written, Recorded & Performed by Cam James
Produced by ThaiBeats
Engineered by Shordeli


all rights reserved



Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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