Pose (Prod. The Cratez)

by Cam James

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Scrollin’ down yo IG and I recognize you girl
Everybody know yo name, you the coldest in the world
Girl in the world

Pose…one time for the one time

Verse 1

She just wanna be famous, that’s goals yeah
Advertising that fitness shit
You got a couple grand for that pose yeah
Yeen really feel like it, the bills look right
So you dropped yo clothes, yeah
I could say that I understand but I don’t
Can’t quite sympathize wit’ yo wants
But you got a life to live and I won’t
Rain on yo parade wit’ that funk
‘cause ya friends told you…you a real one
Get them followers up, hit a million
Y’all revvin’ ‘em up
Get cash from whoever the fuck
Take it to another level to bust
Got big plans
Strip down to get it, but that slope
Get slick, yeah you slim thick
Got less than no time for the misfits
What she told me…but
Back to the women got no idea
How they put backs on linen for it
Might find, it ain’t the right timin’
Not rhymin’, talmbout real shit
All my IG queens gotta hear this
You can chase all the money in the world
Watch for the monsters right where the dollar bill is

Baby you can place yo love
In dollar bills and attention
No kinda skill, she prolly will
Pop off, ‘cause it ain’t my bidness
And you right you grown baby
And we must not see yo vision
Gotta get yo money no time to waste
I just hope you find what you missin’


Pose baby (pose baby)
‘cause they like the way that you move
And they like the things that you do
Just don’t like the lane that you choose

Pose baby (pose baby)
‘cause that loud talkin’ ain’t payin’
Yo girls sayin’ you slayin’
Know yo mom and daddy been prayin’

Strike yo pose (hey)
Like you in Vogue (hey) 3x

Strike yo pose (hey)
Like you in Vogue (hey) 3x

Verse 2

Ain’t tryna interrupt
Selfies get you more wealthy
Money come fast, if the ass healthy
Explore tab, passed it, lord help me
Brittany Renner, got a venti fender
Frame that’ll get me limber
The video gets to render
I’m lookin’ at the screenshot
Like I’m tryna kiss the sender
I can’t say y’all some hoes
Got a couple checks, y’all got some clothes
The Chanel bag wit’ the top that folds
Black, gold strap, and matchin’ robe
Pose in a video
You the baddest, the city know
(scroll past yo face)
Like you in a magazine wit’ that lace
All on yo phone, ya leavin’ my place
(y’all ain’t loyal)
Nah…no imagination
I got can amass patience
Forget about past elation
We dealin’ wit a chick
Makin’ money off fascination
Ain’t double tap though
…you ain’t gettin’ my love directly
Well known fact you definin’ sexy
Imma put you in a pose if you let me



released January 21, 2016
PROD: The Cratez
MIXED: Cam James
ART: Cam James x Asboluv

Video: www.vimeo.com/camjamesraps/pose



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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