Paradigm Part II (Prod. Lexi Banks)

by Cam James



Breakthroughs often look like petulance to the uninitiated. #LoudNoises



Verse 1

An ex-Black Panther, new Huey Newton, n I got an attitude
like rapper dudes, invaded the Middle East to stack recruits
how many barrels it gon' take 'em to get the fuck out?
memorized train lines that's criss-crossin' the bus routes
I'm the intersection of dope rhymin', that's interlaced wit' ghost prophets
pushed the culture forward wit' broken pockets
if you roll with my shit, tell ya mom she s'posed to listen
give her them Watergates, chuck deuces and vote for Nixon
Uhh, I had my fist up in the 70s, afro pick and a sack of weed
rockin' Michael Jackson jeans
no inaccuracies, back in them Astra seats, can't take me back
to the store, you lackin' the master receipts
producers haggle me, so I ain't been jackin' for beats
dancin' in them same circles, opponents lackin' the reach
we some athletes, comin' through erry time, so just bear in mind
my legacy comin', fuck yo paradigm

Verse 2

Arrest warrants, some death row fillers, illegitimate killers
takin they orders from on high, mother fuck Nazis and Hitlers
I spit that real shit to the summit, get some of lost in
'cause my messages get hella deep, like white people in Boston
I take hammers to walls, get the hell up out my way when Stannis call
n swing off the bannisters when Lannisters fall
tyrannical flaws, exposed, but I bet they can't repress droves
of aggressive blows, fall like yo exes' clothes
I got my passion on consignment, from cousins sick of swallowin Ramen
they done wrote the script for me, we all rhymin
and I made a promise, keep my shit honest, regardless
facade aint collapsin, like these demonic highly Protestant
grimy assholes, power centers on undeservin winners
and cold winters, commence they reign over the rose trimmers
aint no beginners in this life size version of tug of war
with some white lies, strugglin when the light dies
people demand that real shit, n i’m thinkin likewise
break it down into bite size, sound bytes and they pick they poison
I want my name on, checks, necks, trophies I’m hoisting
el capitan, leadin’ my squad, been the strongest voice in
flash mobs consisting of, the type of dudes that don’t hit the club
a murderer’s hands that aint never fit the gloves
and the populace equipped to love, 100% percent prescription drugs
kill that source off, roll up and hit the plug, blaow!

Bang bang, gunshots hit ya sternum and the top left of ya dome
in time, fire burn ‘em like (AHH! AHH!)
JFK after Nixon, it’s looking sweet (AHH! AHH!)
then LBJ takin’ over, aint talking Heat

fuck up out off the couch and dip, parallel universes the curtain lift
pulling idols out the sky, and they shooting blanks when they drive by…

communist state, but I got wifi


released June 20, 2014
Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Cam James in Marietta, GA
Produced by Lexi Banks Music Group
Cover Artwork designed by Cam James



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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