F​.​Y​.​F. (Prod. The Cratez)

by Cam James

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..turned me into somethin' else entirely, I'm cold.



You made me this (3x)

Verse 1

Nobody know the pain I been hidin'
You said you needed love and affection I provided
Then turned me into somethin' else entirely I'm cold
I'm drownin' in this liquor, then I chase it with these h___
My lows on the front side of my mind
They said I needed time
But that don't fix shit, gotta hit, quit
Then do it all again
All these new faces, old problems
On lock down, don't know about 'em
No therapy, my sex drive
On the Autobahn in that Armani
This shit been deep inside me
No arguin' in lobbies
Rather handle my depression in a fuckin’ Maserati
She wrapped around my tendo, don’t think she know karate
Tryna get her off my dick n I just hit the Ricky Bobby
Got yo bestie ridin' shottie
She seen me on the rise
My cables in her box, I’m like a TV enterprise
But, I don’t need to stunt
Don’t want TVs in my ride
All I wanted was that look up in yo eye
Wonder why


Fuck yo feelings
Play the game that’s how it go
Fuck yo feelings
I ain’t wit’ it, you can catch me on the road
Fuck yo feelings
No more keepin’ all my problems on the low
Fuck yo feelings
While you out here playin’ games
I forgot yo fuckin’ name
What you sayin’

“you don’t care, never took me over there” (fuck em)
“yeen got no money, yeen never get my hair did”

Lately you been actin’ like the Blair Witch (fuck em)
Never there

“whatever, you never cared”
’cause it ain’t about you

Verse 2

Baby these days, I freeze frame, got no antidote
For the poison inside, imma point at ‘em both
Cause you wack, yo man lame, not a damn thang
Gon change that, my campaign
Get rich and blast yo damn name
Is on and poppin’
My head been ringin’, throat congested
My shoulder lockin’
Excuses subpar, got a AR to yo’ 40 Glock ’n
You gon’ remember me I swear
Get that fat crib and a chick
Wit’ that fake ass Aaliyah hair
We been there, had a lot less in my pocket
My hustle young, my confidence
Sky high in that rocket
I aim at the stars
Can’t see past temporary love
20 women, different clubs
Girl you know my vision was
Next level, tryna schedule
Flights, shows, shit get realer (Killa Killa)
I used to bust all in yo’ grill no concealer (Killa Killa)
Back to that savage you remember
January December, yo drama
Go back to sender, convo ender


Fuck yo
Life and yo emotions, got me really
Cut throat
Ricin’ wit the motion
Now they feelin’ us so
Started lookin’ at me
Like a million bucks sold
Swear to god it’s priceless

You reppin’ what I might get
I heard yo bestie got some mileage


released April 3, 2016
Mixed/Mastered: Cam James
Artwork: Cam James



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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