Every Time (Goosebumps Freestyle)

by Cam James

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Cam James takes on Travis Scott's hit single "Goosebumps" feat. Kendrick Lamar off his album "Birds In The Trap Sing Brian McKnight".


Verse 1

y’all ever been broke?
nah, I mean no hubcaps
hit the venue, know I’m casket sharp
fans wanna throw us daps
hit the bathroom, throw up tap
it’s like wait just a minute hold up (hold up)
lately, I don’t get nervous
i done built this wave up
from underground
it’s deep down where nobody get service
better tell errybody gon’ get nurses
i do not forget the hate
I don’t wanna be the bigger man
wanna get rich and do shit
you cannot participate in
got a couple models wit’ me bathin’
chuck deuces to overnights at Days Inn
I done got a taste of celebrity life, it feel good
thousand people, screamin’ at you, lethal
for the culture (do it for the culture!)
got somethin’ to feed ya girlfriends
stay around me, vultures (all y’all vultures!)
I smell like I been doin’ real good lately
so I kinda understand why you hate me
can’t worry ‘bout y’all got moves to make
word to Houston, who said the moon was fake
I been walkin’ on it way up
when I really focus, it’s a layup, y’all lazy
i don’t wanna work for nobody for the rest of my life, y’all crazy
i was made for this
been cookin’ up work wit’ the crazy wrist
Dell Curry wit’ the shot, no phasin’ this
my shit fye (like fire emojis)
I told y’all I can’t rap
now you gotta deal wit’ it
‘cause, I ain’t goin’ nowhere
I been gettin’ real lit
just performed after Nappy Roots and Bun B
no celebration, i been cross country, divin’
in the life, and all that it requires from me
fuck ya matches, kick fires from me like PAH


she get those goosebumps every time yeah
i’m in her mind yeah, no you cannot find her
you ask what’s wrong she say she fine
lost up in my lines
caught up in desire


released October 14, 2016
Written, Performed and Recorded by Cam James in Atlanta, GA.
Cover art by Cam James.



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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