Cam James x Jean Michael - Wait (Prod. Antman)

by Cam James

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The first collaboration between Jean Michael & Cam James, featuring original production by Antman.



[Verse 1: Cam James]

She walked up,
skin right, and I’m feelin’ you like
swear to God, new hype chalked up,
to the man above, I ain’t the man to love
but I can give you how much
do ya need ‘cause I’m finna Drew Brees
I done seen a few seeds I’d touch,
I just met my God and she Black
take a minute to list what she lack
got me froze, supposed to react
to the smile on point, ain’t rollin’ no joint
but you got ya boy high than a muhhfucka
gotta keep it tight though
got her own money, ain’t fuckin’ wit light dough
we can take flight to a private island
reignite, you smilin’
I just need a couple months, let me save up
see the diamond plaques in my eyes
for the one I’m relaxin’ my pride
if that’s you, that’s cool, love to feel my tattoos
we can make it long-term if you feel this
a lotta women can’t roll with the realness
but you seem a lot better, what the deal is
tryna get in my world, gotta take ya pick
I got good love where the red pill is
nice to meet ya

[Hook - Jean Michael & Cam James]

(wait just a minute)
I'm almost on
(wait just a minute)
it won't take long
(wait just a minute)
girl I fuckin' promise, that if you go and
(wait just a minute)
you gon' love the things that I do
when daddy come home to you, you, you, oh

[Verse 2: Jean Michael]

(wait just a minute)
Girl ya got no patience
ER vacant, sick from the waitin'
yeah ya stay far from a nigga location
but let this long dick be the vaccination (HUH)
hope you ain't scared of shots
well, you not, 'cause I see how much liquor you got
right up in the cabinet, on top of the 'fridgerator
now I can tell, you like to turn up at ya spot
well can I (HUH)
turn up on yours, let's close the doors, keep in the noise
turn off her phone, 'cause she made her choice
that she don't wanna deal with weak boys no more, more (HUH)
I'm the man and the kush is strong
smoke two or three blunts and I still ain't gone
been two or three hours and I still ain't blown
girl I told you up on that phone
it'd be worth it to

Hook x2

when daddy come home to you, to you, to you

And she know that I'm authentic
smoke n mirrors nonexistent
all her exes weren't as real as they pretendin'
no camera, no scriptin'
2 Chainz, I'm different
Chris Davis, when she pitchin', no flinchin'
imma hit it like (HUH)

[Cam James]

I can see her jaw droppin’
‘cause she talkin’ to a realer one
she used to never feelin’ none
I’m bout to dive in it
took her 45 minutes
came thrice, cut her brain lights like (HUH)

she been waitin' for
she been waitin, she been waitin'
she been waitin', she been waitin' for

[Jean Michael]

she been waitin', she been waitin' for
she been waitin, she been waitin'
she been waitin', she been waitin' like (HUH)

you know how I do, you know how I do, ooh
when daddy come home to you, to you, to you


released February 14, 2017
Written, Performed & Recorded by Jean Michael & Cam James
Produced by Antman
Engineering by Zlender
Artwork by Cam James



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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