Black On Black (Prod. Taz Taylor)

by Cam James



We tend to be our own enemies nowadays. We gotta take responsibility and be the ones to make that change.




KKK don't mean shit, when niggas hang from they own noose
Self hate

Verse 1

First off, I talk white
quote un-quote
earn scratch in the 404
seen people scrap for that dollar
like immigrants when that boat unload
talk to me, got the same purpose
graduated, n I hated workin'
these part-time, slave labor
low payin' jobs, that pain purchased
this work ethic, now I'm straight hustlin'
float the message, break the mold
teach niggas, please educate hoes
'bout how deep all that hatin' goes
I'm dark skinned, my girl light
don't care what the rest of the world like
y'all narrow minds, compared to mine
like Caroline, I'm 3000
hairline, fractured, that bone
that's holdin' a man back up
don't think, online wit' the actors
y'all wanna be famous, without the work
put down, ya own race, race
to the top of the internet, kill intellect
niggas had meetings to be stupid, n the rules in effect
you can have millions of niggas on Instagram, you still basic
them thirsty clowns need Lasik,
y'all POVs more twisted up than my laces
fuck status quo, change the game
raise smarter seeds, go places
wait, everybody live by Twitter feeds,
not a single book in y'all faces


Gotta say it, ya protests lookin' mighty weak
(blacks all in them white sheets)
white people don't give a fuck,
all ya neighbors been enemies
(blacks all in them white sheets)

self-hate it get murderous,
same color that hurdle is
that trap house n they shootin'
that college campus they hurtin' kids

watch 'em make it, tear 'em down
moved away from my hometown
look at how far my light reach
(blacks all in them white sheets)

Verse 2

Yeah yeah
gotta keep friends closer than enemies, same niggas,
pull ya down right next to 'em
nobody wanna see that clain glisten
they plottin', to kill dreams none of them got in,
hoes actin' sweet n' they rotten
better watch yo back, don't wanna see ya boy get boxed in
and my right hook on that Holyfield, I only got one ear
so I just turn that side to the haters, cool
I only got one fear,
that I make sub-par, or mediocre,
music fuckin' wit' y'all jokers
imma levitate, my destination
on higher ground, divine motives
talkin' about gossip, gettin' cash
losin' ya minds when bitches pass
I'm in the corner, readin' a book
just chill, none of this meant to last
'cause, the chick wit the biggest ass
ain't got the brain that I need but, she
givin' brain on her knees,
same ones used to be queens
my whole life used to be dreams
I decided to make that shit work
nightmares walkin' my block at night
ain't no good reason to get hurt
do I lock the door when my people close
for God's sake, a nigga need to know
'cause preachin' about it behind the mic
just ain't workin', feel that heat below
we all hell bound


Verse 3

They prophesize to monopolize
y'all attention spans each summer
cause that city hot, and them gunshots
followin' the kick from that drummer
tryna climb high, my own people
wanna pull me down, I'm like fuck it
gotta break loose, 'cause I paid dues
I'm the king crab in that bucket bitch
amateurs tryna touch this shit
watch ya dome, better duck this clip
flyin' out, and I'm colorblind
til' I'm worldwide wit' this buzz of mine
got white fans in Australia,
I ain't backed up by that 'nalia, so
drop it all, never lied at all
plantations got y'all by the balls
this self hate


released April 19, 2014
Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Cam James in Marietta, GA
Produced by Taz Taylor (@TheTazTaylor)



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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