Black Card (THat Part Freestyle)

by Cam James

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Cam hops on ScHoolboy Q's smash hit "THat Part" to deliver a PSA: he's one of the best out. Now tell somebody else.



Verse 1

y'all can't deal with the weight weight
hunnid kilos all fire, check the date date
never expire, got fired with the pay pay
best MC in Atlanta no debate-bate

year after, freefall i fell faster
when i asked her, did it mean somethin' to pass up
got laughter, took pride to drive past her
when i back up, past lookin' like Iraq

grenade grenade
i don't pray, but amazing graces
fell on me got a place to stay
9 to 5 wit a raise in pay
my ex-manager would trade me places
if she saw the new bankroll
cop a Coogi sweater and a kangol
a youngin feelin' real big when the chain glow
i don't want the fame, being nameless the wave tho
bitch better have my money
speakin' of, i just got off the phone wit' some loan collectors
eat a dick, y'all don't respect us
carnivores eat poor for breakfast
trickle down don't work (nah nah)
i gotta get mine first
fuck banks, imma hit y'all church
(run the money)
man I'm talmbout the deacon board,
the good wives wit' the fleece and more
brand names never seen before
man the message from the pulpit weak
been sayin' that's what dreams is for
got the world in line, they
rockin' pearls and diamonds, values
that drop half when they leave the store
they never tell you that part (never said that)

now ain't that smart
keep the blacks in the Maybach dark
they been sayin' rap far
from the roots, nobody tellin' the truth
meet the kid tryna bring back heart
(gahh damn)


me no conversate with the jakes
black card
all my womens melanated womens
black card
workin' for enslaaaavers
black card
i just want the paper
black card, black card
black card, black card aye

Verse 2

Ok ok ok ok ok OK!
i done had dreams and nightmares
I'm meek w/ ideas i don't play! (really don't tho)
they done put the best at the bottom too long
I feel like Yoplait! (lowfat lowfat)
I been schemin, for the come up,
this internet rap shit don't pay!
this the best part
heard yo shit then i threw up in the backseat ahh
i calculate the bars, I'm a mathlete ahh
ladies in the stands like a track meet yeah
the government gon' hit me with a rap sheet ahh
26, i ain't payih' child support, i ain't on life support
i'm doin' real good
educated on a mission
to get in better position
to make the red and the blue start listenin'
(gang gang) imma do the same thing
tryna make the homies cut down on the bang bang
i know, don't nobody wanna see a Black man make it
y'all tryna get the cake but did not bake it
self-made but I had a lotta help tho
life tryna break me, doin' well tho
y'all tryna get signed, imma earn my stripes like shelltoes
don't nobody talk about that part


released November 4, 2016
Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Cam James in Atlanta, GA
Cover Art by Cam James



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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