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Alienation. Love. Heartbreak. Vindication. Duality. Facade. Consolation.

7 songs and a skit. My most honest and emotionally affecting work delivered in 25 minutes. Take a trip through my life.


released August 27, 2019

All Songs Written & Recorded by Cam James in Atlanta, GA
"Reasons" Recorded In Part by Anthony White in Atlanta, GA

Production by Kemosxbe, J. Cash Beatz, CMPLX, The Trackoholics, Antman, Sharke

Mixed & Mastered by Shordeli, JP Engineerin

Album Artwork by Cam James

Additional Vocals on "Rumors" by Delicia Turner


all rights reserved



Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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Track Name: OutSide (Prod. Kemosxbe)

I don’t wanna be in here
club packed, I’m where the drugs at
can’t see in here
hella underage girls, no ID i fear
two things, goin’ to jail and hell
my image of the afterlife a lil’ different than yours
don’t get me wrong, i was livin’ before
several players on the roster, I’m Pippen n Jordan
somethin’ inside me, felt like I was trippin’; important
that’s how i felt when i started winnin’, endorsements
dropped down like stalactites
money make the women wanna act right
it’s the summer she resemblin’ a snack, like
i put a halo in her hair like a backlight
saw me rappin’ in person said I’m mad nice
now I’m in her maze like lab mice
lately i’m feelin’
legitimately proud of myself
got my eyes down standin’ in the Compound
or in Onyx while the ass make clap sounds
tryna figure why the fuck I’m in a strip club
never tip ‘cause I do not got it
gon’ do it Big, poppin’ Cris, I’m not Wallace
this is my product, I don’t move narcotics
see you in the VIP, cash drip
face cyan like Crips
i be worried ‘bout money on trips to South Beach
please remind me
why should i leave
my apartment, I’m busy chasin’ pipe dreams
never suicide, i ain’t doin’ no high knees
but sometimes… i be wonderin’ what it’s all for
i am not blendin’ wit’ y’all tho
i do not smoke but i’m still in ya rotation
every time i do a show i get a ovation
i been so patient
you know i hate goin’ outside


It don’t really feel like the summer (don’t feel)
ain’t no love shinin’ on me, on me (on me)
when it come I’ll probably O.D., O.D. (it’s too much love for)
it don’t feel like summer fo’ me, fo’ me

Verse 2

Me and my homies
we just been plottin’ bout world domination
the only time i leave the house
maybe i got a lil show or somebody i know
got an event i dap ‘em and bounce
watchin’ my figures from streamin’
and radio really ain’t payin’ i never announced
numbers tell me i got fans in Australia
still feel like a failure, does that really count?
ladies been throwin’ me roses, lovin’ my lyrics
it’s touchin’ ‘em deep in they soul
can somebody who knows
translate that shit into shows
not tryna quit on my prose
but my 9 to 5 is so blah i don’t know
how I’m s’posed to show up and do this shit like 24/7
for 365, 52 weeks i can’t do this, my song gotta cry, for me
‘cause I don’t see ‘em comin’ down mine
every time I feel like imma drown my,
fans tellin’ me to stick around I,
see too many people givin’ up on themselves
I got somethin’ the world needs
the summer got dark leaves
i part trees w/ all of these scriptures
borne from being intro-verted
reword it and make it sound cool
I found you
Track Name: Throw It Back feat. Alan Love (Prod. J. Cash Beatz)


Rollin’ wit’ the crew
know we go back
heard i put it down, now you want some of that
if you really down girl, gon’ throw it back
tell me if you down girl, gon’ throw it back yeah (2x)

Verse 1

you always comin’ when I call
real shit, you been my ride or die
call me out when I’m flaw
catchin’ feelings, can’t decide if I
wanna get in them draws
‘cause you throwin’ signs like gang gang
held me down as I came up
straight merged w/ me, my lane changed
had a problem, you fight dudes
we been rollin’ since high school
always know what you thinkin’
love my song picks, for the night moves
i ain’t really been drinkin’
focused on the music
I been right there
through the breakups,
I’m the one to see you through it
check, it don’t matter what that dude say
gaslighting, plus the fightin’ only want yo pu-say
i been there since the beginnin’ and you been too
all the shit that we been through
natural for that love to grow
wit’ it baby, i gotta know you down


Verse 2

Far as friends go, we can parlay
i been peepin’ how you move so
i want it all day
can’t do fake don’t want no pseudo
want it my way
if you wit’ it baby

Verse 3

tell me, is this the real thing?
thought the streets had a grip on me, you makin’ me feel things
gon’ say it wit’ ya chest then
know you rep’ for the West End
imma put ya in a headlock
baby we are not wrestlin’
feel different when the bond thick
i shoot the club up, John Wick
look in my eyes, way you ride dick
got me tryin’ to tie the knot
is you gon’ ride or not?
know you the right type, been lookin’ a minute
the bright lights, never phase you
I know you wild hype, never cage you
devil and angel, I know you want it too
been thinkin’ bout you in the booth
tell you the truth, seein’ the future
i trap, I am not a producer
already choosin’, but
i been workin’ in the post, throw me the rock
Amazon, girl throw me the box
green light, imma fall through
all you
Track Name: Left Out (Prod. CMPLX)

Verse 1

perfect timing
caught you at dave & buster’s wit’ him and you called that dining
a long way from my crib, thought you was safe, but the trip
happened on some community service shit, a group of kids hurtin’ since
i got kinda distant after, ain’t wanna play no games
after bein’ a subject to it, now my trust less fluid
tough to fall for somebody, you hit my heart wit’ the shotty
i disconnect from my body, see this exactly what you did to me
i gave you time, genuine concern you lied, makin’ me think you gon’ ride for it
ya eyes know it, emotions subside, stoic
ain’t got shit to say, hella heartbreaks provide focus
if ain’t nothin’ else, smilin’ above the belt
novocaine, i feel nothin’, help
yo disregard from human beings come from wealth
i learned my lesson, no baddies from 90210
models is trouble, they level up tryna double they clout
and leave you out


you been tryna sidestep
but…I’m the one that got left
that hoe karma on the creep for you
‘cause you know my love top shelf

girl you wasn’t never really ridin’
I am not a lame, I got options
you never gon’ see it

it’s a bad game
thank God you ain’t get my last name
got some shit on my mind
aye, got some shit on my mind
I ain’t really talked about it, got some shit on my mind

Verse 2

women can be trash too
every time I see yo picture feel like bad news
I see ya ways, navigatin’ where the cash moves
you the answer, when people ask how my raps fueled
nobody ever suspects
you the one that broke it down, wit’ ya lyin’ neglect
but you’d die to protect
ya reputation, people lookin’ at ya IG
postin’ thirst traps, eyes sayin’ get inside me
i guess they did, one of them dudes postin’ heart eyes beat
we had a highway, why you on a side street?
a shot to my pride, weak, starin’ in the corner of my room
thinkin’ ‘bout all five feet inside that guy’s sheets
I ain’t ‘bout to die I need to blow
my hustle goin’, grind ’til you see me at a show
like, yeen know
I was headlinin’, got a different stage name
gon’ be blowin’ out ya brains over fame
you the one that’s left out

Hook 2

left before the bucks came
‘cause he took you to a Bucks game
gold diggin’ ain’t no smart move
‘cause the lovin’ never sustain

girl you wasn’t never really ridin’
I am not a lame, I got options
you never gon’ see it

it’s a bad game
thank God you ain’t get my last name
got some shit on my mind
aye, got some shit on my mind
I ain’t really talked about it, got some shit on my mind
Track Name: Rumors (Prod. Kemosxbe)

Verse 1

why they talkin’ shit?
we already called it quits, yeah
nobody got us this, far
too many shots to hit, par
try to front like you ain’t start it
but you not as slick, dawg
ain’t no monolith, all them chicks you ridin’ wit’, flaw
woulda left you sooner, but you smart and you retarded thick
get another star to kiss yeah,
I can’t barter shit yeah,
losin’ peace of mind, ain’t worth it
this love ain’t perfect, you workin’
to tear me down, spreadin’ all these rumors but


I don’t give a fuck about what y’all say
baby girl I am on top, I am on top
almost fucked around and made you my fiance
but I know the drama won’t stop, drama won’t stop
let ‘em talk
I don’t care about what y’all say
baby girl I am on top, I am on top
almost fucked around and made you my fiance
but I know the drama won’t stop, drama won’t stop
yay yay

I heard, you been frontin’ wit’ yo words
and the way you lookin’ at her, why you kick her to the curb? (2x)

Verse 2

we over wit’
now you see how cold it get
when you chasin’ waterfalls
that rainbow ain’t got gold in it
friends investigatin’ where I go ’n take my photo wit’
ain’t none of they business, where I get my kisses
I’m so legit
live on my own now, I’m still so cold
how you feel about it
all my woes; doubt
forgotten, closed out
see me smilin’
when yo rumors fly,
ask and you deny
gotta let that drama go
don’t make me get real and let yo momma know
still got her number


Deshawn Jenkins: Welcome back to the NBA, National Ballers’ Association Finals postgame show
brought to you by Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. I’m Deshawn Jenkins here in our Atlanta studio.
with NBA Insider, Chip Flagwell. What you see out there tonight Chip?

Chip: Thanks Deshawn, it’s been a wild game. We got negroes throwin’ women in swimming pools, the hot girls starting lineup is on injured reserve due to unexpected pregnancies, and men’s head coach Future Hendrix put out an album that’s mostly ballads. The Hot Boys took the W but Meg’s knees are still going, and she looks to have joined forces with Queen Minaj herself.

DJ: No doubt, that shit was wild. I had to rep for the hometeam but the Hot Girls made some impressive runs late in the 3rd. It was lookin’ pretty close.

Chip: Yeah i like the Hot Girls chances on a rematch.

DJ: Especially after news broke about the Hot Boys salary cap from all that child support.

Chip: More like Sad Boy Summer, amirite??

DJ: We’ll be right back after this commercial break, we got bills to pay. Keep it locked.
Track Name: 2Sides (Prod. The Trackoholics)

Verse 1

She told me
she party on Monday, Tuesday, yeah
same all weekend
Clark Atlanta get lit
don’t know what she gettin’ that degree in
daddy told her stay focused
don’t run w/ the fast boy, yeah
house parties like Strokers
she was workin’ that ass boy
all of them freshmen fast, ha
spendin’ up all this cash, ha
they learn that lesson quick
errybody owe that bag, yeah
hella rubbers on the dresser
fallin’ victim to the pressure
couple shots, never chasin’
to the face, hangin’ over was stressful
she just wanna be successful doe
day dreamin’ wit’ a Macbook
tryna balance, got the best of both
pop a xanny, that’s a bad look
liquor flowin’ for the birds
gettin’ bad grades on the curve
I’m seein’ the swerve, ’n baby you gotta reverse


party hard, wanna get a piece of that
drugged out, tweakin’ girl, don’t know what you see in that
daddy tried to tell ya move wisely, ya leavin’ that
everybody know it’s two sides to this shit, we goin’ in (2x)

Verse 2

Feel like you runnin’ in place, ha
must be two sides
lot of shawties get low in the face
when they can’t get a new ride
you been bossed up
keep the kitty exclusive, they tossed up
let the haters keep talkin’, you lost what?
keep on applyin’ that pressure
got ‘em feelin’ lesser you hired yo damn self
superintendent professor
you whippin’ yo left and they actin’ like yeen winnin’
never stuntin’, keep it Loki
As-garded that’s a motif, lames never gettin’ no cheeks
corporate thuggin’ wit gold teeth
and ya house paid, talkin’ no lease
take it four weeks at a time
money runnin’ like a track meet
donate it when you feelin’ kind
stay rememberin’ the time
when you was assed out in that small room
wit’ that bed on the floor
they can’t relate, it’s a lot on yo plate
‘cause you steady pretendin’ you broke
I know ya bank on full
I know ya bank on full
I seen the way you shut down the club
turn around, they gon’ drool (word)
ain’t nobody they gon’ pull, you in a separate stratosphere
that’s emphatic, clear
wanna sing ‘bout you, hella balladeers
like a old TV w/ the rabbit ears
I can’t see you nah

Hook 2

workin’ hard, lemme get a piece of that
stressed out, dreamin’ girl, keep it up believe in that
got it from ya momma, move wisely, I’m seein’ that
everybody know it’s two sides to this shit, we goin’ in’ (2x)
Track Name: Goin' Out Sad (Prod. Antman)


I don’t wanna party but tonite i’m in my bag
never goin’ out sad, goin’ out sad
cover me in diamonds like the girl i never had
never goin’ out sad, goin’ out sad
i ain’t got no money, still ain’t lookin’ at the tag
never goin’ out sad, goin’ out sad
love me then they leave me, i ain’t got no strings attached
never goin’ out sad, goin’ out sad yeah

Verse 1

goin’ out shinin’, like i ain’t been sad before
boi i’m too fye to quit
got a kick like Rapinoe
I’m lit, n I ain’t gotta talk, Toronto Raptor flow
i straight up dominate
bruh you can name time or place
i am not tryna find a date
phone dry when I’m outta state, cool
ain’t got time to waste, ooh
long line to replace, you
you get me out for a couple hours
runnin’ out of power, n I’m tryna leave
but tonite i got a rhyme and reason
turn it up, need a lot to ease the pain


Verse 2

I be goin’ through it but I’m never goin’ sad
y’all ain’t seein’ me, y’all just see the mask
i know what to do when that depression on attack
go out w/ the crew, turn up ’til I’m back yeah
best i ever had, stay pretendin’ i ain’t sad
fuckin’ up my summer, bummer
got my numbers lookin’ wack
boi i used to flip a chick then hit her friend
but now I’m slack
way too focused on my past,
chasin’ feelings never last though
ppl say i should relax more
every club got a backdoor
imma pro at runnin’ from my problems
but I’m tired of buyin’ all these track clothes
every time i make a song ‘bout it
get a bag bigger than my black nose
then blow it fast,
i remember havin’ no cash
now i gotta a little and it go fast
imma toe tag, everybody that told me I won’t rap
for a livin’, she finna throw ass for a minute
tryna be so bad, she can get it
everybody just flexin’
bottles come to yo section
ain’t really feelin’ it, but imma front like
it’s a fun night, we lit
Track Name: Reasons (Prod. Sharke & Antman)

Part I

Verse 1

I know you got a man
but, I know you got a plan, to move out, move out
getaway van, drive
downpayment, a new house, you ‘bout
50 mi away from it
cops called, he ain’t runnin’
girl he got his name on the lease
tryna throw yo ass out
whereabouts is you gon’ go?
real queen but you never had a throne though
yeah, nefertiti wit’ the gold missin’
try to talk through it, but he don’t listen
then pray through it, but he no Christian
ya otta learn how to let
go of it, bein’ proud to get
past it, before you end up in a casket
everlastin’ the love felt, it’s on ice
wouldn’t be cryin’ every night
if he treated you right

and he don’t…because of that
I mean I’m tryna deliver a message, but
you think it’s a song
well, it’s a song but I’m tryna use the song to tell you somethin’

Verse 2

True story

This chick named Nichelle
on god, man I wish her well
Steph Curry wit’ the step back into hell
she addicted to the life it’s a muhh fuckin’ crisis
never learn doesn’t matter how black her eye get
tryna maintain the only love she got
‘cause her dad did the same, she stressed a lot
he hit her momma
day in and day out
easy to find a way in, but not the way out
all the shit pay out,
is heartbreak, body part breaks
‘bout 20-odd dates, ’til it play out
it’s over
remember when he backhanded
‘cause you told him his actions is outlandish
you are now bandaged
you say he care for you
when you stressed from ya job is he there for you?
can you vent ‘bout what you goin’ through lately
girl he too crazy
and lately, he focused on havin’ a baby

Part II

we been talkin’ about it
I know where you at, i know what you feelin’

Verse 1

you been mindin’ yo business
got away, yeen seen him in a minute
he salty, he know you better off; winnin’
so he talkin’ bout you on twitter
hittin’ up ya girlfriend phone
all day long wit’ the bullshit
everybody blocked him,
that ain’t gon’ stop him,
he blow up, get up in the pulpit
playin’ like a victim shit
tellin’ everybody you the one that got violent
he was tryna leave you
and they gon’ believe him,
he mad popular, whole crowd full of #MeToos
so if you need somebody platonic
to hold you, when you goin’ through the worst
who can be the first to know, you can tell ‘em all the pain
you got, ’n won’t crack
I can be that

yo love
broke, you gave him yo trust
lost a baby, yo cuts, deep
and that don’t leave you wit’ much, peace
all the times you been through it
planted seeds n then grew it
when the dark come in large amounts
you can come through and talk it out
before you walkin’ out, you got reasons

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