No Applause EP

by Cam James x Remot



My fifth independent project, and second collaboration with producer Remot. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2013's No Role Models EP features performances from The Mighty Rhino and Niecy Blues.


released May 3, 2014

All songs written, recorded, performed, mixed & mastered by Cam James in Marietta, GA. Feature verses written by respective performers.
All songs produced by Remot.
All mixing and mastering by Cam James
Original artwork by Cam James



all rights reserved


Cam James Atlanta, Georgia

Cam James is gonna act like he's not narrating this joint. All y'all gotta know is that I'm passionate about the art, and hopefully that shows in every track you hear. ATL.

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Track Name: Talkin' Sh!t
Verse 1

Sometimes I'm feelin' down, got the depression bouncin' in
a revolutionary through my words n I write wit' Malcolm pen
watch the news at 10 and heard 'em talkin' about that powder
thought it was talcum then, realized that my people might need counselin'
classic talkin' mouse and men, schemin' since a youngin' to leave the town I'm in
moved without my friends, was travelin', my mother broke down
gettin' money was like waitin' for a Falcon win in 2013,
hotel rooms, livin' out her car was like her worst dream
I was young I ain't really care about money much
first girl, 'bout 3rd grade, I swear that God that honey crushed
my ambition, temporary, bounced back, everybody will
perhaps not, the same situation just got somebody killed
in Florida, sleep on prejudice and eat stereotypes for breakfast
still places in the South, where my civil rights is ejected
all that anger reflected, all the wrong ppl elected
I'm yellin', by any means
these words gon' be respected, trust

...ain't no chorus

I just rode a Megabus
wit' 5 older black ladies, our convo was perplexin' 'cause
they asked me, why youngins disrespectin' they next of kin?
I answered, "I don't know, the reality shows and ESPN" really,
wonder why the hell we stay deportin' the Mexicans,
when this country was built by em, whites committed hella sins
that's why I laugh when people suggest I show reverence to
Uncle Samuel, got his hand in my wallet ain't left a cent
I'm off the handle, an angry black man that nobody asked to hear
unless I'm on this mic, spittin' the truth into y'all atmosphere
the cops investigate, post mordem, what happened here?
Oh, just some more niggas shootin' each other, we have to clear
all this weed up out the hood, 'cause that's what's causin' it
everybody knows that California weed is awful shit
but hold up, let's legalize it and control the cost of it
so I can pad my pension wit' arrests and get some chocolates
and roses for my wife...ignore me, I'm just talkin' shit

Don't really like police, that's for personal reasons,
damn near arrested in Bama, I was ridin' in the backseat
of my homie's ride, he got impounded tho, cause they planted some leaf
n he didn't know that he had the right to tell them dirty cops to cease and desist,
but he had a good lawyer, he was pleadin' the fifth and got off it
my friends don't know about that, my mouth was a leakin' faucet
but some things you keep to yourself until the time is right to tell it
and I'm finally at that age where I can relish
my freedom, and the independence, can't front my life been good
in the suburbs for most of it, ain't worried 'bout reppin' no hood
Track Name: I Might Be A Rapper.
Nigga I might
Said imma run this bitch
nigga I might (3x)

this mic,
well really it's a weapon of mass destruction
way I'm feelin' I could kill a nigga hype
I been a villain all my life
thinkin' imma back down, really imma write
sentences, death comin' its really outta spite
'cause the fact is, I don't really like y'all, nah
fuck bein' on top, nigga might fall
see better wit' the lights off, y'all pray
die when I take a bite, 'cause y'all prey
ya ain't rappers, Jaheim or Sade
Ranger to Tonto, bye kemosabe uh,
never will I, be a Wale
solo, homie no labels that don't fit
post up for the snipe, and I don't miss
stop, I got frozen in oh six
no liquor, no weeed, n no bricks
can't front, I ain't messin' wit' the blunts
whole rap game high though
hijack for plaques, pap pap
y'all got vitiligo
money turnin' y'all white like silos
n I'm tryna re-write like typos
16 in between intervenin', forces
rapped 'cause I couldn't hit a high note yeeaaa

Couldn't hit a high note
but I had moves, I could dance like Michael
picked rap 'cause of places the mind go
now I'm tryna kill y'all, hand on the bible
pray, you gon' be dead fo' the night go
you the type of nigga I don't like
spit bullshit, y'all niggas don't write
fuckboi, I been waitin' for this shit my whole life
The Concept

name in the light
deemed hostile, got changed by the bite
on sight, dumpin' out my brain on the mic
nah, can't glorify chains or the vices
Isis, I don't rap for the ibis
birds hangin' on a nigga words
so go 'head, front like I ain't up on the verge of
big time, find the meanin' in my verses, go

How so,
hell wit' the flow
poison, one man Bell Biv Devoe
got crack, n i ain't gotta sell it to know 'cause
I just do, like Kel wit the sodas
told y'all imma run it, this is part 1
sneeze on the mic, beg y'all pardon
too sick got tricks for the victims
pow like Ricky I'm the best, bar none

lift off from Neptune, wave to the Martians
a nigga raised in the south got jargon
but no accent, out-navigated the captains
and made it on stage through the back end
got my back bent tryna be a nice dude
said fuck that, now I made the right move
think twice, 'fore you pop shots never stop watchin'
my hook like Tyson, ya might lose

Imma get drunk, then fight like a white dude
I just got a deep tan
genocide bars, I be tightenin' the noose up,
they should put me in the clan
homie I just spent a couple grand
broke ass nigga wit' a million dollar plan
kidnapper shit, better pay a nigga ransom
they gave me one chance, imma show em who the man is
Track Name: Lost World (Interlude)
Internal tyranny, rectifyin' and steerin' me, (T-Rex)
back to the message velocity rapidly vexes (Velociraptor)
this barrel nixin' sorry rappers, nobody haul me back (Baronyx)
'cause my Tarot cards lyin', see pterodactyls from afar flyin' (Pterodactyls)
or tricycles on top of the yards ridin', (Triceratops)
spiny backs, and skinny ankles laughin' on the side and, (Spinosaur, Anklyosaurus)
scientists is providin', compsognathus-sized assignments (Compsognathus)
necks stretched, brontos all in alignment (Brontosaurus)
pond closed, kronos, snappin' up all my timin', (Kronosaurus)
hidin' it mega lo down, tracks that change the climate (Megalodon)
packin' my self below tourists, n most would never know (Pachycephalosaurus)
the full extent, got a mouth full of sabers severin' throats (Saber-Toothed Tiger)
the illegit, Ian Malcolm my falcons is (Archaeopteryx)
mammoth designs, my lines held up for stop and frisk (Wooly Mammoth)
this Pretty Toney vs. Iguana Don, rock the vote (Iguanodon)
n I just dropped a prehistoric quote in every line I wrote
Track Name: Live From My Apartment!
Verse 1

Hell yeah
reporting live from my apartment room for
a couple of years now, in the same sperrys as Martin Luther (Jr.)
pullin' rabbits outta my hat, watch me jump outta my Lac
imaginary one, 'cause in real life, I'm drivin' this Nissan
a 2007, missin' hubcaps, I ain't about the flexin'
want my technique wit' the ladies, then find the Jim Halpert section
it's no pam on my pots, n I ain't one to spam a lot
just put my name on the moon, 'cause these knights talkin' bout cam-a-lot
I want MC Hammer's spot and Justin Hammer bots
my shrunken kids inside a lady's mouth like Rick Moranis plots,
that's chauvinistic, in all honesty 'cause all I need is one
wit Beyonce's hips, Nicki's lips, an anteater tongue
wit a soul as beautiful as her body, stop lyin' I'm as single as that
fat chick, cryin' while eatin' ice cream and some Pringles
the black Christopher Cringle, but my gift's a bunch of bullshit
that I thought up one night, drivin', when I throw on my brights
I see the corner of my bedroom

Y'all don't quite understand, my air mattress needin' some headroom
and to get this mic and my setup I sold some family heirlooms
or close to it, this is like Cassius Clay and Joe Louis
before whatever fame I may get, imma go insane on my clips
ejaculate my frustration, drawin' my name on her tits
in third grade versions of cursive, my script been tight since time tables
ain't no rapper, my superpowers don't reside in labels
and likewise, I don't need to work for Starbucks to get bagels
stamina everlastin', bitch I been blastin' my kegels
exhalin' fire on these beats, to keep liars discreet
share my joy and my misery, then take pliers to feet
king of the stevens, recordin' my spiels, y'all Seagal
the talent outta rap, ain't talkin' bout no boom and bap
this shit the future and the past, the concept everlastin'
Track Name: I'm Good feat. Niecy Blues
Verse 1 (Cam James)

I’m break, dancin' on the moon, it's somethin' like ecstatic
these feet tap, n I see traps, right underneath the static
guess imma take that chance and advance, rappin' on acid
tryna tour Shaolin, rappin' for old dirty bastards
might super smash or melee, bicycle kick wit' Pele
dunk on ya moms, land on her weave, crank the Nae Nae
been lovin' life lately, n ignorin' errythang they say, cause
word of mouf can burn the house down, so I don't sweat that much
'cause perspiration, leads to reversin' patience,
submergin' the nation in immersive diversification
those some big words, all I mean to say is this ain't even close
to final frontiers, skin thicker than Serena throat
it ain't no fronts here, ain't gotta pretend to like
people I don't know on networks, who never knew my net worth
until I grabbed a mic, and discovered my path in life
weavin' threads that stimulate niggas heads like a wet shirt
you gon' have to come hard, (pause) to throw me off at this point,
'cause I'm 'bout to bombard jaws with a bunch of uppercuts
writin' straight, n the doubters bout to hibernate
elevate to hyper great, take it, I ain't the type to wait

Verse 2 (Niecy Blues)

Moonwalkin' and on cloud nine and I'm
not stressin' on you, ain't got the time
ain't a lot you can do to break me down
got back up on my feet, who's laughin' now
Ayy, who's laughin' now, who's laughin' now
you can't phase me now
'cause I'm really immune to the feuds of these haters
so why trip on a minus when you a major
Ayyyy, got a lot on your plate, but you still manage to make it out
Ayyyy, know that life can get crazy, but that's what makes it worth it all
Ayyyy, keep ya head in the clouds, 'cause nothin' can bring ya down, no
and if they ask you how ya doin', just tell 'em I'm good
I'm good, I'm good, I'm good

Verse 3 (Cam James)

Spaceships, really don’t come equipped, with rear view mirrors, they dippin' and likewise, when y’all flippin’ I keep my head
I ain't trippin' I'm earnin' bread, 'cause my lyrics be burnin' lead
I'm a 12 gauge, throw hate I focus on my word instead
it's no applause, clappin' is superficial, attackin' me for my flaws
smilin' bigger than when my lady come up out her drawers
jabber them jaws, I can't hear them subpar rappers
settin' traps I'm caught up in rapture 'bout to pause, uh

Happy bastard I'm a special class of rapper, slash actor
y'all gon' need Aflac and a back relaxer,
walk out my bachelor pad slash haberdashery, my cash passively
expands, tryna catch the Master Ps

Happier than Skateboard P in a mountie hat, a bouncy mat,
somersault, and I'm dizzier than alchies act
Celebrations in order, the ancient forces of the universe
in my verses, I got some great supporters
Track Name: Jansport, USA
Yo yo yo yo, birthplace of rap son,
reppin' BX to the death, shoutouts to the niggas in Brooklyn,

Chi-Town in this piece, where all the real rap live n die nigga

You already know we got that work in the A patna

Y'all niggas ain't real hip hop
uh, ain't talmbout politics, no deep shit
no feature verse from Kweli, clips
from that speech, Malcolm gave on my block
uh, analyze my lifestyle, tell me I'm just halfway nice now
the game been fucked up, ever since the day Tupac got shot
y'all ain't got bars for real,
kinda makes that hard to feel,
real niggas been hard to kill
Illmatic had large appeal
y'all ain't touchin' a TCQ
underground, you mainstream, no auto tune, no CPU
take it back to that boom bap, beat the block I got skills b
cash rules, everything in my clan, the world gon' feel me
'cause I'm...overdue for my shine
street cred in my backpack, I got hip hop on my mind
it's mine...

Yeah, modernized my rhymes
escaped from that backpackin'
I refocused my mind
my city full of wack rappin'
I moved out, then climbed,
up, and now I got mo' fans
pullin' up, got both hands
ambition ain't frozen
watch out for yo people
they want you to stay right next door
them friendships get lethal
sellin' faith like priests do
I got no time for all these fools
father time ain't waitin'
y'all live in the past,
gettin' off on 8 track vibrations

New school in this bitch
pockets fat n I'm rich
my chain hang to my nutsack
in the trap house wit' them bricks
I went to college I tricked
my parents into thinkin' I cared
education n shit, now watch me bangin' these hits out
backstage, my chick, her head game on fire
man yo chick mad ugly, she in the back row of that choir
I blaze up, get higher
you know we got it, so fuck wit' me
on the top of this game, you want this crown, come get me
lehh get it

On purple drank, I'm lifted
them 808s in that Cadillac
that loud pack, we driftin'
better praise God I'm gifted
straight mastermind and my wrist is
too ice cold, can't feel my grill
candy paint on my whip it's
my stat quo, when I get the bills
we ridin' out wit yo hoe
bend bendin' corners since 99
still tippin' on four fours
what up H town, my bros
this rap shit, is my side grind
whip soda then feed streets
skyscrapers my eyeline
nigga why lie?

Homie I just got wifi
San Fran in my Jansport
Raybans on my face, my ipod bump Chance more
he's a new artist, y'all heard?
Oh y'all have? Man fuck that guy
underground til' I die, I know a rapper that's just as fly
and he went to college,
MLK on artwork, so he know he got some knowledge
doesn't wanna be famous, but he's bound to be the hottest
he's incredible, he got flow
and his beats goin' hard, I heard one tape so I know
he's bound to be the future, I'd love to take you to one of his shows
I'm friends wit' his producer, he's a big deal his name is Remot
read a couple blogs he wrote, I was in awe when he spoke
I hope they make it big, no their music ain't made for kids
it's real rap...
and y'all ain't real if y'all can feel that...
Track Name: The Winner Is...

Alright folks we got 5 competitors, each of whom have uh,
dedicated themselves to being in top form for this contest
they will be participating in 3 rounds of various challenges today,
designed to inhibit their progress, while simultaneously forcing them
to display both their athleticism and complete focus on the task at hand

Verse 1

Final lap listen
I'm feelin' like, I done earned my way here, but I still ain't quite dope
keep workin' on it and honin' my craft, and my fanbase might grow
cause even though I got fans overseas, I'm still on that micro
on the bench plottin' my come up, while y'all starin' at Michael
as a teenager my bike broke, I had no car, I was walkin' for it I swear
discount Jordans, n tall tees, no cornrows in my hair
just waves, n a fucked up hairline, but in time I taught myself
how to get past that, life raced past, n I ain't really caught my breath
always bored in classes, I was preoccupied with my status
n adolescent asses, whistlin', trippin' when they walk past us
I was young n stupid, with an IQ off the charts, my friends would envy
effortless achievements, the perfect scores, n fakin' busy
nowadays my face is friendly, but that hides a monster, obsessed
and I ain't got no patience in me, and I still I ain't chasin' Bentleys
excellence is expected, the shine ain't comin late for once
I'm Richard Sherman in this rap game, try not to make assumptions
form follows function

Percy: That was a solid run, wasn't it Bob?

Bob: Oh yeah Percy, it gets the job done. He was playin' it safe
in the first round doe, let's see if he steps it up
for his second heat.

Percy: Well, he better...this competition's HOT!

Verse 2

Peons attack my castle, often
stack up my hassles, walkin'
up stairways,
obstacles, no fair play
and it gets worse like every day
car crash, no hard cast,
Where did I leave my card last
no paychecks, my heart fast
been paralyzed, no sympathy I'm just sayin'
when you strugglin' to eat food,
you forget to hate and start prayin'
got too many bills to be payin'
might get a second job, on the weekend
I can't shine as long as I'm under domes, like Stephen
really I like to think that I'm on this Earth, for a reason
cause I don't just write I've received, heavenly blessings indeed
still, despite that, all the backhands I done stepped in between
got my hair fallin' out from that stress, I been textin' Rasheed
n I bleed, Malcolm X's post-Muhammad facts I know 'cause
I read, and I'm salutin' Martin Luther still can't call him
my king, levitatin' post-haste I got motivation
comin' from a higher power, my doctrine, no Eisenhower
gimme gold

Percy: Oh my gosh, contestant #2 lights the scoreboard up!
He does this all day, no help, by himself!

Bob: Real talk Percy, he came wit' it, very impressive performance

Percy: I like it Bob, he took it to another level. Where's our third contestant?

Bob: That nigga got scared n left

Percy: well...there ya have it folks. And the winner is...
Track Name: Peer Pressure (First Hand High)
I'm back on the market nigga, free agent...
ain't like I loved her anyway, you know what I'm sayin it had to end at some point right...
I'm straight, you know on to the next

Verse 1

It's more girls where she came from, right
that's what I tell myself, I really ain't the type
to break down for no female, pride blockin' that bullshit
pull 'em down like retail, y'all don't know that full picture
I'm drankin', my Beyonce gone,
coulda been the mother of my kids, dream fiance gone
she got me messed up, that weed takin' me higher
reignitin' that fire, won't fly wit' her
another chick, left panties up in my dryer
damn...I deserve what I got, I still can't take it
can't stand another man seein' you naked
so I'm high, smokin' that for my pain
that liquor hittin' my brain
one shot from goin' insane
girl you got me on that


Liquor, shots, pourin' up I ain't wrapped tight
my wrist, cocked, throwin' back all that gin
this love and hip, hop, got me trippin' I'm faded
and if we breakin' up this sippin' ain't enough baby
cause you got me drankin'

[c'mon take a shot...don't be a lil' bitch
nigga, it's your birthday, drink...]

Verse 2

Vodka bottles on tables, too many cups in here
all I had was some Grey Goose, 'cause I don't really fuck wit' beer
what I'm sayin', I don't even drink...but she changed my life
my whole stomach in the kitchen sink...i think that drink was spiked
I guess I can't hold it...five vodka shots and the sixth was bourbon
on top of that, smokin'...hooka first, then the weed got broken
down, niggas won't pass that shit...cause I'm a first timer
baited breath when the cops rolled in, that spearmint worked, kinda
gave me love, I don't do this, that peer pressure get ruthless
feelin' good, kinda tipsy, so I can't leave, might lose this
moment, meanwhile, she's blowin' my phone up but it's late
I'm tryna have fun, I just bagged one, n tryna leave here wit two dates


Verse 3

Long pops ain't raise no simp
she'll be back, and straight beggin' for I ain't gon' trip
main problem is this liquor, 'cause I got that shit in my system now
trippin' all over this house party, throwin' up I feel disemboweled
and I switch

HOld up, hold up, wait
I'm too proud to say I miss you
give me tissues I got somethin' in my eye
girl I ain't cryin'

swear it's just that alcohol
n I'm bout to fall
now I'm bout to call, you better pick up

I got the hiccups...way too much flip cup
Track Name: Judgement Day
Verse 1

Whatever ya like,
do you, I got the pen and the mic
not an actor, more like cinema hype
not a rapper, bite but the venom denied
n' that factors, into the life imma live
all the young niggas, advice imma give
stay in school, unless it ain't for you
if ya drop out, make sure the bank approves
and that's real, don't really read the news
I'm tryna make that, tryna let success be a nigga payback
clapback to the snapback, skinny jean rockin' impostors
jock us, from the PhD to the doctors,
frat boy, they been trainin' to lock us
convoys, Ks n' the launchers
momma's boys, good grades ain't beyond us like,
a drumroll for the gung ho imitation
basic abrasions, no shots
y'all be on base for duration
no boxin', I brought rocks in, uh
y'all niggas better boo me,
'cause really imma need that push,
ain't never been one for the scripture,
but I feel like imma need that book
'cause one of these days all the work gon' pay
n I don't need money for the twerk all day
I just wanna be a role model for the bros
while I'm givin' all these other niggas hope
both eyes in the scope like



Hol' up
I ain't tryna be famous, nigga that's for y'all
homie I'm straight remainin' underrated
faded, wit no alcohol
when I look back on life I want memories
at the gates on judgement day
so keep tryin' you can't get rid of me
I got a lot to say
wit' this loud mouth


Verse 2

Imma set, trends, by bein' the nigga that don't care
bout bad bitches, fake ass hair
them rap labels wit' stables of mares
that make mad money for white folks to share
I ain't naive tho, errybody need money, gotta eat though
but to make it on top wit' ya manhood
kinda like dunkin' on Shaq from the free throw
tryna give shit back to the people
'cause y'all lifted a nigga from the boondocks
I got new clothes, and a new watch
from the shit I got comin' out ya boombox
and that's real life,
I'm tryna get across what it feel like
I grew up lovin' hip hop, and kill mics
from the hustle on side, to providin'
a nigga wit' a meal like
I can't say I'm really eatin' tho
but I never had to keep peace before
'cause they wanna know what the plan is, what's next
all that's on a need-to-know
so reload...
yeah, a negro
educated, in the ways of the world
n my resume could stack up to the great,
back up, as far as my skills on the mic go
errybody need somethin' they can die for
jumpin', sideways like Michael
but I wanna kill shit, then fade to black
pull a Joe Dumars every night tho
ask me to change I'm like, no



Verse 3

I rap like no-body you know
I ain't even gotta do shows, my words connectin'
that bass to the face, and y'all can say grace
but ya body gon' float, N.O.
no blockin', slappin' the window
break glass, n the passion to get dough
supersided, niggas wakin' up in Bugattis
thinkin' about passin' the indo
y'all take this, smoke it, I'm focused
my prognosis, y'all throwed n below this
lift weights, my flow is aerobic
better get hot, 'cause I"m gon' be the coldest
Kumite (Waahhh) hoes get lotus
but my queen get it all in one
don't judge when I'm fallin' son
these ballers stunt, but that's all a front
they ain't real
if we don't sound like Drake, we can't feel?
not everybody make rap for the bills
so cut the backseat criticizin'
and put fries in the bag, witcha bitch ass
and that don't just apply to the broke niggas
rich dudes on dates wit' a gold digger
lookin' down on peons, rhyme seance
I bring life to the dead, walkin'
up streets and I'm thinkin' 'bout losses
flawless, flip switch to the lawless
criminal minded, divine binded
never believe, the world give a man all this

Imma do me, regardless